College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Science & Software Engineering

First Monday Luncheon

2003-2004 Calendar

Date Guest Affiliation
September 8th Roy Stecker (Butler CS alum) Developer, Quest Information Systems, Inc.
October 6th Scott Kincaid CIO, Butler University
November 3rd Scott Atkin
(Butler CS alum, advisory board member)
VP-director, Beckman-Coulter
December 1st Jim Hutchins VP of Systems Development, re:Member Data Services, Inc.
February 2nd Tracy Barnes (Butler CS Alum) Principal Consultant, Ciber Enterprise Solutions
March 1st Scott A. Jones Chairman of Scott A. Jones Foundation,
Gazelle TechVentures, and PowerFile Inc
April 5th Kathleen Wilkey Director of Administrative Computing,
Information Resources, Butler University