Butler in the Community

College Outreach Programs

Butler University believes in learning both inside and outside of the classroom. All students are required to complete an Indianapolis Community Requirement, which involves students in a wide range of reciprocal community partnerships in which they can integrate classroom knowledge with active experiences in the Indianapolis community. Many courses in our six colleges are structured so that students gain real-world experience as well as classroom knowledge.

College of Business

Freshman Business Experience: ~ Show Information

Through this academic course, students are introduced to business concepts, and, then, they apply what they learned on real companies-most located in Indianapolis. At the end of the semester, students participate in the Top Dawg Business Plan Competition. Student-teams develop a business idea, write a business plan, and, then, present their work to a panel of business executives. Learn more.

Zotec Business Plan Competition: ~ Show Information

In this business competition, students form teams, create a business idea, and apply for funding (to a group of real business executives). If they receive funding, they can start and run their real business. The class is facilitated by a team of faculty and professional mentors who coach the businesses. Learn more.

MBA Board Fellows Program: ~ Show Information

Through the MBA Board Fellows Program, graduate students are provided the opportunity to monitor the activities of a board of directors within an exemplary community organization. This gives fellows the hands-on, community-leadership experience of serving on a nonprofit board in the area of advocacy/economic development, arts/culture, sports/recreation, or human services. Learn more.

Corporate and Executive Education: ~ Show Information

Butler Corporate and Executive Education (BCEE) is the organizational learning and professional development arm of Butler University. It helps business organizations, and the managerial leaders within them, achieve their goals. Learn more.

Butler Business Consulting Group: ~ Show Information

The Butler Business Consulting Group serves middle-market companies in Indiana - a range that includes Café Patachou and Defender Direct. Undergraduate and MBA students have opportunities to work directly with these companies, helping them to grow and, simultaneously, providing a living laboratory in which they can learn and experience real business problems and situations. Learn more.

College of Communication

Speech-Language Clinic, Screenings: ~ Show Information

In the Butler Speech-Language Clinic, student-clinicians in the College's Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program provide treatment services and diagnostic evaluations for people experiencing language difficulties. CSD majors also conduct speech, language, and hearing screenings for young children enrolled in Indianapolis community schools. Working under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist, the students gain practical experience in these professions, a rare opportunity at the undergraduate level. Learn more.

Student Media Production: ~ Show Information

Through the College of Communication's Media Group, students develop client projects for Indy Blue Productions' video services and the Indy Blue record label, and cover campus and Indianapolis news in The Butler Collegian, a nationally recognized print and online student newspaper. Learn more.

Butler Aphasia Center: ~ Show Information

Students enrolled in the Butler Aphasia Community meet weekly with people who have aphasia, a language disorder following a stroke or other neurological cause. Through conversation and activities including art, exercise, and iPad practice, students help these individuals and their caregivers communicate more confidently. Learn more.

Bateman Case Study Competition: ~ Show Information

For two consecutive years, a Butler student-team earned honorable mention status in the national Bateman Case Study Competition, sponsored by the Public Relations Student Society of America. Teams develop full public relations campaigns on advocacy issues. Learn more.

College of Education

IPS/Butler Laboratory School: ~ Show Information

The Indianapolis Public Schools/Butler University Laboratory School is a magnet elementary school jointly developed and operated by IPS and Butler College of Education (COE). College faculty and undergraduates are an active presence in the school, helping create and implement its Reggio-Emilia inspired curricula. Learn more.

Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy: ~ Show Information

Also developed in an IPS/Butler partnership, the Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy serves grades 6-12. Shortridge students come to Butler's campus for academic, arts, and cultural experiences, including the Early College Program. Butler students and faculty support academic and after-school programs at Shortridge. Learn more.

Indiana Partnership for Young Writers: ~ Show Information

Headquartered in the IPS/Butler Lab School, the Indiana Partnership for Young Writers (IPYW) partners with COE to provide professional development for K-12 teachers of reading, writing, and math. COE students and faculty benefit from IPYW workshops and Visiting Scholar conferences. Learn more.

Anti-Bullying Initiatives: ~ Show Information

In response to the issue of bullying in schools, the College of Education's Graduate Program of School Counseling has worked with school administrators, teachers, and high school students to develop bullying prevention and intercession programs. Learn more.

Jordan College of the Arts

Butler Community Arts School: ~ Show Information

The Butler Community Arts School (BCAS) makes arts education accessible to every child in Indianapolis. Through BCAS, Jordan College of the Arts students offer private instrumental and vocal lessons to those of all ages and abilities, as well as group lessons in piano and chamber music and classes in dance and theatre. In 2013-2014, BCAS partnered with 15 community organizations to serve over 1,700 participants. Learn more.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Center for Urban Ecology: ~ Show Information

Faculty and staff from the Department of Biological Sciences founded the Center of Urban Ecology (CUE) in 2004. Their mission is to explore, steward, and enhance urban ecosystems. CUE operates with a foundation in ecological science and facilitates interdisciplinary research and education, place-based projects, and public discourse by engaging Butler students, faculty, staff, and community partners. The CUE is active in enhancing Indianapolis's waterways and improving access to locally grown food. Learn more.

Holcomb Observatory: ~ Show Information

Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium has been serving Butler University students and the Indianapolis public for nearly 60 years. The observatory-one of the largest public observatories in the world-houses a 38-inch Cassegrain reflector in addition to a number of smaller telescopes. It is the ninth largest telescope east of the Mississippi River. Learn more.

Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS): ~ Show Information

In EPICS, teams of students work on software projects for charity and not-for-profit organizations. These projects typically span multiple semesters, and many of our students choose to take EPICS for more than one semester. Our alumni praise the EPICS program for the team-building and communications skills it develops. Learn more.

MFA Writing in the Schools: ~ Show Information

Writing in the Schools is a cooperative project involving the Butler University Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program and Indianapolis Public Schools' Shortridge Magnet High School for Law & Public Policy. This community outreach initiative seeks to help Shortridge students develop as writers and cultivate a passion for the written word. Learn more.

Butler Bridge Program: ~ Show Information

Offered to students in grades 3-12, the Butler Bridge Program draws on Butler's remarkable resources to build a bridge between Butler and its community, as well as between students who aspire to higher education and the professors, professional writers, teachers, and college mentors who are eager to share what they know. Butler Bridge programs are designed to develop the writing skills of pre-college students. Participation in such an individualized, writing workshop program will help students prepare for college while also nurturing their talents and imaginations. Learn more.

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 

Public Health Outreach: ~ Show Information

As part of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences' (COPHS) expanded focus on public health and wellness, students and faculty participate in a number of public health outreach programs. Students gain experience in working with underserved patient populations during clinical rotations. They also plan, lead, and assist Medicare eligible people during Medicare Part D enrollment sessions, tobacco cessation programs, and other outreach initiatives. Learn more.

Community Health Resources Webpage: ~ Show Information

The Community Health Resource webpage include lists of low-cost medications, online and specialty pharmacies, country health departments, weight-management resources, and more. Learn more.

Butler University Community Outreach Pharmacy: ~ Show Information

Since 2009, student-volunteers in the Butler University Community Outreach Pharmacy have filled thousands of prescriptions and provided medication counseling for low-income patients of the Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic. The weekly, free medical clinic in northeast Indianapolis has garnered national awards for public service. Learn more.

Medical Spanish Service Learning: ~ Show Information

To serve the growing number of Spanish-speaking patients in Central Indiana, the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers a course focusing on medical fluency in Spanish, which includes student volunteer work at the Trinity Free Clinic. Learn more.