Community of Care

Tips for Becoming a Successful Butler Student

To Do

  • Utilize campus resources and personnel: Academic Support services and Student
  • Find a mentor such as a fellow student, faculty, administrator, etc.
  • Take good care of yourself - mind, body and spirit: use the Health and
    Recreation Complex (HRC), Center for Faith and Vocation, make healthy eating
  • Be open to living with another person - you may have more in common than you
    think and if you have difficulties establish a roommate contract and seek
    assistance from your RA (before contacting parents).
  • Establish communication and other guidelines for relationship with parents.
  • Establish relationships with professors: Utilize office hours, communicate with
    them via Blackboard, email, etc. and be an active participant in class.
  • Get involved, but not too involved. Think about what you are really interested in,
    find your passion . . . be intentional.
  • Think about your time management skills and what you will do with spare time.
  • Take advantage of programs on campus! When will you ever get what appears
    to be "Free" entertainment! Concerts, speakers, sporting events, etc.
  • Learn the traditions of the Butler campus!
  • Be reflective of your experiences, purpose behind involvement, the path you
    wish to take, etc.
  • Don't be too rigid in your plans. Be open to conversations and new experiences
    that may expand your horizons.
  • BE YOURSELF! The norm is most students don't over consume alcohol and use
    illegal substances. Be true to yourself and don't fall into the trap of thinking and
    doing things that everyone is doing!

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