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Upcoming Medicare Part D Events

Do you have the best Medicare Part D plan to cover your prescription drug costs?

Get FREE help - find out if there's a better option for you!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Butler University
4600 Sunset Ave.
Indianapolis IN 46208

Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building, Room 106

Butler's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Healthcare Representatives will help you:

  • Compare your current Medicare drug coverage with plans that may cost less or better  meet your needs!
  • You can re-enroll on the spot.
  • We can also help you apply for low income assistance with prescription drug costs.

Call (317) 940-9324 for more information or directions.

December 7, 2013 is the deadline to change or signe up for a new Medicare Part D plant for 2014.

FREE advice on choosing what's best for you at our Nov. 2, 2013 event!

Bring the following with you:

  • Your Medicare and insurance cards.
  • List of your medications & dosages.
  • Letter(s) from the Social Security Administration OR Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Contacts for your pharmacies or home delivery services.

NEW ENROLLEES: if you have a prescription drug coverage now, please also bring a letter from your union or former employer health plan.