Jordan College of the Arts
Butler Community Arts School

Policies and Procedures

Registration: You may register for private lessons at any time during the year, by completing and returning the registration form, along with a $20 non-refundable registration fee (per semester, per family). Lessons will commence once a mutually convenient schedule is arranged with a Teaching Fellow.  Tuition is prorated for lessons beginning after the term starts.

Make-up Lessons: Due to limited facilities and instructor schedules, make-up lessons are generally not possible. There are no refunds for lessons/classes that the student misses. Please let the instructor know if a student cannot attend a lesson. Lessons that the instructor misses will be re-scheduled. Given the demands of rehearsal and performance schedules for college music students, our instructors will do their best to maintain a consistent teaching schedule; however, an occasional re-scheduling may be necessary.

Scholarships: Need-based scholarships are available on a rolling basis. You are encouraged to apply early.  Scholarship Request Forms are available on the webpage or please inquire at (317) 940-5500, Renewal of scholarship is dependent on available funding and satisfactory progress/effort by the student.

Music: Tuition does not cover books and materials. As new items are needed, parent will either be informed what, where, and when to purchase, or the instructor will obtain the materials and request reimbursement from the parent.

Facilities: The Butler Community Arts School uses the facilities of the Jordan College of the Arts and has no space for extended waiting time either before or after lessons. Therefore, students must arrive on time and leave promptly at the end of a session. During lessons, parents and siblings are encouraged to wait in the second floor lounge area. At all times, please maintain quiet when using hallways where lessons/classes are in progress.

Parking: Please observe Butler University parking restrictions.  Violators may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense.

Refund Policy: All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Butler Community Arts School, Butler University, 4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46208. Requests received 10 days prior to the beginning of an activity will receive a full refund. Requests received within 10 days of the beginning of an activity will receive an 80% refund.  No refunds will be given after an activity commences.

Cancellation Policy: Butler Community Arts School reserves the right to cancel any program because of insufficient enrollment. If a program is canceled, participants will be notified, and full registration fee will be refunded. Butler Community Arts School reserves the right to limit enrollment; cancel, postpone, split, or combines classes; change class location; or change instructors. BCAS reserves the right to terminate lessons if BCAS determines an unacceptable situation.

Late Fees and Collection: Regardless of which payment option is selected, in the event that this agreement is placed with an attorney for collection, parent (or adult student) is responsible for any and all costs of collection incurred, as well as a reasonable attorney's fee. Additionally, all past due accounts will accrue late charges at the rate of $10 per month until said past due accounts are paid in full. Returned check fee is $20 plus any bank charges incurred.

Release: All participants in BCAS programs agree to the following release: This form serves as a release and consent to allow Butler University and/or the Butler Community Arts School to use my child's image and likeness in either photographic or video format. I understand that it may appear in promotional material for the university that may be distributed nationally and may be used over an extended period of time. I have not requested, nor do I expect monetary compensation for granting Butler University the right to use my image as stated.

Waiver of Liability: All participants in BCAS programs agree to the following waiver of liability: I/we do hereby present to Butler University this Waiver of Liability for the above participant who is enrolled in the Butler Community Arts School under the auspices of Butler University and do hereby waive any and all rights and claims against Butler University, its trustees, officers, agents and employees, arising in or out of the above's participation in this program. It is agreed that this waiver of liability is submitted to Butler University as an inducement to enroll the above named student in said program and this agreement is signed as the undersigned's free and voluntary act with full knowledge of the contents thereof.

Practice: A regular practice schedule is vitally important to the success of each student. Each instructor will provide guidelines for effective home practice. The following items are essential. Please be sure:

  • Student has daily access to an instrument in good working condition.
  • Student maintains the specified daily (5-7 days per week) minimum practice.
  • A regular practice routine is established and maintained; we recommend the same time each day, free from interference (phone, TV, siblings, etc.).
  • Student follows the assignment carefully.
  • All books and materials are brought to lessons/classes. If appropriate, an instrument in good working condition is brought to the lesson/class.
  • Parent listens supportively to the practice session periodically. Younger students especially enjoy having a parent present (but not necessarily "directing things") in the room during practicing. Parent sits in on lesson, when instructor deems appropriate. 

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