Proudly serving the community since 2002, the Butler Community Arts School offers performing arts instruction to anyone ages 5 and up, including adults. We're located on the Butler University campus and our instructors are trained Butler students known as "Teaching Fellows." At Butler Community Arts School, it is our mission to provide quality arts instruction at an affordable price while also developing community involvement and civic-mindedness in Butler University students.

Butler Community Arts School offers arts education for all ages and skill levels.  You have many choices when searching for an arts education program: of course you want a high-quality program at an affordable price, and you want to make sure it is not only educational, but also fun. The Butler Community Arts School is that place.
With the Butler Community Arts School, you are choosing a leading program to build essential life skills for any age.  In fact-- recent studies show that community music and arts programs play a significant role in remodeling children's brains to improve learning and language skills, as well as being a source of fun and stress-relief! 
Our offerings are numerous - private music lessons, group classes, and summer camps - and our prices are affordable. Whether you or your child is just a budding-artist or have previous arts experience, you will find a program that meets your needs at the Butler Community Arts School.