College of Communication
Communication Sciences & Disorders

Minor in Communication Sciences & Disorders

CSD Minor Requirements

The minor in Communication Sciences & Disorders is designed to prepare students for a number of future professional careers, including Speech Science, Speech-Language Pathology, and Audiology. 

Required Courses

  • CSD 231 - Introduction to Communication Science and Disorders

    Introduction to the field of communication sciences and disorders which includes phonetics, speech science, speech-pathology and audiology. Common speech and language disorders, their causes, treatment and general clinical procedures will be covered. (U)(3)

  • CSD 331


  • CSD 334 - Speech Science

    The physical characteristics of speech sounds and psychophysical processes involved in speech and hearing. (U)(3)

  • CSD 332 - Language Development

    Major theoretical approaches to language acquisition, the perspectives and nature of language, normal and abnormal language behavior and basic management will be considered. Prerequisite: CSD240. (U)(3)


  • CSD 338

  • CSD 339

    Linguistics is the systematic study of language from its sounds (phonetics and phonology), words (morphology), and sentences (syntax), to its meaning (semantics). In addition to examining language itself, this course will cover aspects of language use such as language change, and the role of language in society. (U)(3)

  • CSD 333 - Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing

    Introduction to the anatomical and physiological bases of the speech and hearing mechanisms. (U)(3)

  • CSD 353

Directed Electives

Select courses totaling 3 credit hours from the following list