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TEACH Butler 2012: Experiencing the Butler Phenomenon

July 16-27, 2012: Two Week Workshops in Science & Math

Juy 23-27, 2012: TEACH Butler Workshops

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kathy Cramer, Founder of The Cramer Institute

 Kathy Cramer


Leading with Substance, Sizzle and Soul: 

Become Exceptional with Asset-Based Thinking™

In Leading with Substance, Sizzle, and Soul, participants will have the opportunity to unleash their potential as exceptional leaders through the integration of Asset-Based Thinking (ABT) to guide their leadership. They will learn a comprehensive framework built upon 30 years of positive psychology, practice with clients and innovative leadership development consulting with thousands of industry leaders. The framework also includes empirical findings from scholars across the globe.

People follow people, not just good ideas. Leaders realize this axiom is true, and yet they often neglect their own "self-investment" to become an exceptional force for achieving positive change. Instead, leaders concentrate on more conventional approaches such as cultivating industry expertise and developing sound business strategies to make their mark. These conventional areas of focus are of course important - but not if they are pursued at the expense of what it takes to become an exceptional leader. Asset-Based Thinking takes "positive thinking" to a whole new level of engagement. While positive thinking calls for a positive attitude about life and the future, ABT is the leadership imperative that calls for positive action and traction in the present moment. Leading with Substance, Sizzle, and Soul offers leaders a comprehensive, yet simple, framework for unleashing your potential as an exceptional leader. 

Learning Outcomes:

In this highly interactive 3-hour workshop, participants will be introduced to the Substance - Sizzle - Soul framework with its ABT foundation. Learning objectives include how to:

  • Leverage your strengths and aspirations as primary drivers of positive change
  • Cultivate superb rhetorical skills that captivate the minds and hearts of your constituents
  • Establish strong personal connections with your followers that withstand the tests of time, setbacks, and volatile uncertainty
  • Become an admired role model, motivator, risk-taker and mentor.



Kudos for TEACH Butler 2011: Reclaiming Time to Think

July 18-22, 2011

Here are comments by some of the 145 participants in the 2011 TEACH Butler professional development conference, presented by Butler College of Education. The next TEACH Butler is scheduled in July 2012. Contact to receive information.

Teach 2011

"Excellent - beyond expectations and assumptions."
"This class was amazing! Maggie and Yoli have ignited a fire in me that will transform my teaching." - on "Engaging ELL Students in the Academic Community," presenters Maggie Robillard and Yolanda Carter

"I feel energized and ready to begin a new school year."

"Not very many professors make learning fun. Great job!!" - on "Response to Intervention in Diverse Settings," presenter Kelli Esteves

"What I love about TEACH Butler is that I get to explore something we are interested in, while getting to meet and talk with teachers from all over Indiana."

"This is my third summer attending, and I love it every year. The time frame is perfect."

 "Normally education classes are too 'fantasy land' or 'Everything is horrible.' This class was perfect … one of, if not the best class I've ever taken and it was worth my time." - on "Being the Change We Want to See: ESL Teachers Author Their Own Identities," presenters Susan Adams and Herb Bidden

 "One of the best professional developments I've ever been to."

"More, more, more!!  This could easily be a three-week course. The course has been so valuable - I don't want to leave."

"This had such a huge impact on my teaching.  I feel empowered and confident to teach math."- on "Algebra Readiness," presenters Ryan Flessner and Mary Krohn

"O.M.G. I have learned so much about teaching math, and I have grown tremendously in my content knowledge.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"The best professional development I've had since I moved to Indianapolis 6 years ago." - on "The Science of Teaching," presenters Teri Folta, Brian Murphy, Stacy O'Reilly, Meredith McAllister and Chris Hess

"Outstanding!  Butler has been more welcoming and hospitable than I would have imagined."