College of Education

Why Choose Butler?

Honors & Scholarships

The Designated Scholar in Education Program rewards incoming Butler University freshmen each year who have demonstrated an interest in teaching and leadership potential. Renewable scholarships in the amount of at least $2,000 are available to ten outstanding applicants yearly.

To be considered as a Designated Scholar candidate, you will need to attain a combined SAT score of at least 1100 or a combined ACT score of at least 26 and be accepted for enrollment at Butler University. You can obtain an application through the College of Education during the fall semester. Finalists are invited for a campus interview early in the spring semester and the award winners are announced later in the spring. This scholarship is renewable annually based upon maintaining a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Over 25 other awards and scholarships are selected and presented by the faculty at the College's annual Honors Day ceremony. These are based on academic performance and service to the profession during the freshman through senior years. Faculty nominate and select the award winners.

Some scholarship help also is available for selected graduate students.

Field Experience

Perhaps the most important aspect of your program is the time you actually spend in the classroom observing, teaching, and learning from master teachers who mentor urban and suburban experiences. The College of Education proudly offers an extensive field experience and student teaching program that begins early in your college career. This program is designed cooperatively by university faculty and school personnel to ensure that education students are experiencing and interacting in quality real-world classroom situations.

Beginning with observations and continuing through beginning teaching tasks, the sequence of experiences is designed to fully prepare you for your full-time student teaching role near the end of the curriculum.

An integrated laboratory approach (where on-site methodology and practice are combined) and student teaching will be the capstones of your preparation to become a teacher. This is the point in your college career where you have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have gained through your studies at Butler. Student teaching allows you to practice skills, methods, strategies, and ideas that you have spent years developing. The master teacher is there to help you perfect your techniques and to share with you valuable advice that has been learned through years of teaching.

The College of Education provides two student teaching experiences, one in an urban and the other in a suburban school setting, a program characteristic that is well received by personnel directors.

Job Placement

The College of Education boasts 100 percent placement of education graduates (licensed and seeking employment) over the past eight consecutive years through its education placement service. As a graduate or one who has completed 15 or more credit hours at Butler University, you will be eligible for this service from the Office of Student Personnel Services that assists you in securing positions in education where you can put your years of study and hard work to use.

Your professional growth is encouraged through the development of a portfolio, a credentials file, real-world interviews, and other experiences directly related to success in gaining employment. Butler's location in a large metropolitan area offers a variety of professional possibilities. The reputation of the College of Education for quality preparation, makes graduates of Butler highly desirable as educators.