College of Education

Professional Education Components for Middle/Secondary Education

* Indicates a required course

COE Core I

(Must be successfully completed before moving to COE CORE II)

*ED 112 Introduction to the Profession of Teaching (2)
*ED 245 Introduction to Computers in Education (3)
Successful completion of PRAXIS I or options (see advisor)


(Upon successful completion of COE CORE I)

*ED 241 Developmental Theory and Application in Education (3)
*ED 242 Educating Children with Special Needs (2)
*ED 244 Concepts of Education (3)

The following courses may be taken at the same time as COE CORE II:
*ED 227 Introduction to Middle and Secondary Students and Schools (3)
*ED 228 Content Area Literacy in Middle-Secondary Curriculum (3)


(Upon successful completion of COE CORE I and II)

*ED 327 Curriculum and Instructional Strategies for Middle School (Middle/Secondary)
*ED 398 Multilingual Learners and Their Cultural Contexts (3) (Middle/Secondary)
*ED 433 Integrated Special Methods (4) (Middle/Secondary)
*ED 498 Methods for Teaching Multilingual Learners (3) (Middle/Secondary)

Music Education and Human Movement and Health Science Education candidates should see their adviser regarding special methods for their education program.


(Upon successful completion of COE CORE I, II and III)

*Student Teaching
*ED 434 Middle/Secondary Student Teaching Professional Seminar (2)
Choose two phases of student teaching according to certification:
*ED 423 Junior High/Middle School Student Teaching (Middle/Secondary) (5)
*ED 425 Secondary Student Teaching (5)
For specific teaching content areas please go to Curriculum Requirements under Student Resources.