College of Education

Workshop Information for School Counseling Students

Workshops for school counseling students are now listed under TEACH Butler Professional Development Workshops. As a requirement of the School Counseling program, students must take six hours of workshop credit. Four of these six hours are required workshops.

Required workshops

Assisting Grieving Children & Families (offered each semester - must be taken fall, spring, or summer of Year 2).

Two Required School Counseling Workshops

These two required workshops will be held a minimum of one time per academic year.  Those on the regular track should plan to take these workshops in year 3. Fast trackers will need to take the series in year 2. These workshops will be offered on a rotating schedule of dates and times and must be checked each semester.  The Post-Secondary Planning workshop is currently offered in an online format for either 1 or 2 credit hours.

The three workshops in this series are:

  • Post-Secondary Planning for School Counselors
  • Crisis & Trauma in Schools

Elective Workshops

In addition, counseling students must pick three elective workshops to complete at some point in the program of their choosing. Each semester, including Summer I and Summer II, there will be a variety of workshop course offerings. The TEACH Butler professional development workshops page lists the available workshops each semester.

You are able to register for workshop courses prior to the start of the semester on your account just as you would a regular course. To enroll after the start of the semester, please see the Enrollment Procedures page.