College of Education

TEACH Butler Payment Policies & Procedures

Prices for each workshop vary due to the nature of the workshop content and audience.  Some workshops are only available for graduate credit.  Next to the workshop listing on the Professional Development Workshops page, you will see the cost of the workshop.  Please note the price when registering for workshops.

Tuition is charged at the rate of $466 per credit hour.  For some workshops, only half the tuition rate is being charged ($233 per credit hour).  These are clearly marked.  

Butler University publishes the E-Bill for workshop tuition once a month. When an E-Bill is ready to be viewed, an email notification is sent to your Butler University email account.  To view the bill you will log into account.  You will receive information regarding your Butler email account and your access once you complete the admission process.

Until all payments have been made to your account, transcripts will not be available.

The Office of Student Accounts will send a letter via snail mail to your provided address with step-by-step instructions for this process.  You can view this letter here.

 If you have any questions regarding payment for workshops, please contact Student Accounts at 317-940-9353 or visit their website.