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Fall 2014 Offerings

Fall semester runs from August 27-December 20.

Fall 2014 Full Tuition - $500.00 per credit hour


Helping Those Who Hurt                                                                                   G 1 Credit

ED 501-02 (4988) Limit 30 JH 170 Price: $500.00
Sept. 6 & 13 S 8 am- 4 pm Anderson, Julie

This workshop explores the growing concern of self-injury among middle and high school students. Discussion will include: self-injury as a maladaptive coping strategy, common characteristics and behaviors, creating an action response plan as a school counselor, techniques and tools to use within the school setting, supporting parents and friends of self-injurers, ethical considerations, and referring to outside resources.
Intended Audience
Counseling, Middle/Secondary (Grades 5-12)


Service Learning: Impacting Education By Our Time and Talent                                    G1 Credit

ED 501-03 (4989) Limit 20 JH 076 Price: $500.00
Sept. 9 & Oct 1 4-6 pm Additional Online Coursework & Service Learning Oliver, Brandie

Service learning provides a hands-on application of knowledge and skills to real life community needs.  This workshop has partnered with school communities in the greater Indianapolis area.  Students will choose from various experiences available during the course of the semester to prepare and facilitate the service learning activities in the schools.  By examining the four components of service learning, (1) Preparation, (2) Action, (3) Reflection, and (4) Demonstration, students will gain both the knowledge and skills to implement future service learning initiatives in their work.
Intended Audience:
Counseling and Administration


Practical Tools for Beginning High School Counselors                                        G1 Credit

ED 501-08 (4996) Limit 15 JH 172 Price: $500.00
Sept. 20 & 27 S 8 am-3:30 pm Salmon, Melba

Gain tangible skills that every school counselor needs to have without of years of on-the-job training.  Proven tools and tips to assist schooling counseling students and new school counselors impact student access from day one! Each participant will develop a toolkit of both academic and community-based resources to profoundly meet student needs!
Intended Audience:
Middle/Secondary, Counseling


8 Kinds of Smart:  Multiple Intelligences and Counseling                                 G1 Credit

ED501-04 (4990) Limit 15 JH 170 Price: $500.00
Oct. 18 & 25 S 8 am- 4 pm Anderson, Julie

This workshop incorporates the theory of multiple intelligences into school counseling sessions and will combine lecture, small group discussion, and experiential demonstrations.
Intended Audience
: Middle/Secondary, Counseling, Special Education

Assisting Grieving Children and Families                                                           G 1 Credit 

ED 501-05 (4991) Limit 20 Price: $500.00 Braden, Carol
Oct. 29 & 30 W, R 4:30-9:00 pm JH 083
Nov. 8 S 8 am 0 4:30 pm JH 170

This workshop will teach techniques to assist the bereaved child.  You will explore normal vs. complicated grief behavior, grief styles, why children fail academically, isolate themselves and often use disruptive behaviors in the classroom.  You will learn developmental stages, grief reactions, communication tools, group processes and the facilitator's role in companioning children in their grief.  This course offers an option for interested participants in becoming a facilitator for Brooke's Place.
Intended Audience:
  Middle/Secondary, Early/Middle Childhood, Counseling


Inspire Me!  Staying Motivated and Stressless!                                                 G1 Credit

ED 501-06 (4992) Limit 25 JH 172 Price: $500.00
Nov. 15 & 22 S 8 am- 4 pm Anderson, Julie

There's a lot of resources out there that focus on motivating students, but what about us?  Sometimes we need a few tools in our toolboxes to motivate ourselves? This experiential workshop will provide participants with a plethora of ideas and activities to motivate and reduce stress.  Class combines lecture and experiential elements.
Intended Audience:
Middle/Secondary, Early/Middle Childhood, Counseling


Monster on the Inside Track (family addictions)                                                            G1 Credit

ED 501-07 (4993) Limit 20 JH 170 Price: $500.00
Nov. 1 & 15 S 8 am - 4 pm Gaff-Clark, Carla

Children growing up in homes where a chemical addiction is at the heart of the family, have their personalities shaped by the very "Monster" that has a hold on their parent(s).  We'll look at the basic personality struggles these children go through and what it takes to assist them.
Intended Audience:  Counseling, Middle/Secondary

Post-Secondary Options and Opportunities                                                        G1 Credit    

ED 501-10 (5061) Limit 20 JH 183 Price: $500.00
Nov. 8 & 15 S 8:30 am - 4 pm Easterday, Carroll/Marsh, Amy

A practical examination of student exploration of, preparation for and transition to postsecondary education, training and career(s).  Students enrolled in this workshop will examine current trends in college and career readiness, research and compile resources and develop a final project that will be useful to practicing professional school counselors.

Intended Audience:  Counseling, Middle/Secondary. Special Education


Crisis Response & Readiness                                                                                                     G1 Credit

ED 501-09 (5021) Limit 20 Price: $500.00
Dec. 3 & 10 W 4:30- 7 pm Oliver, Brandie
Dec 6 S 9 am- 3 pm

Supplemental learning online as well as in project development.

Crisis in a school setting has multiple dimensions. This workshop will delve into suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention knowledge and skills as well as the intricate details of crisis response plans within the educational setting. Students will be engaged in case studies and assessment exercises, research and review into the literature, hear from guest speakers, journal writing and reflection, and presentations.
Intended Audience: Counseling & Administration



Fall 2014  Half-Price Tuition - $250.00 per credit hour

Caterpillars, Clouds and Chameleons:  A Visual Arts Approach to Eric Carle's Books   G1 Credit

ED 501-50 Limit 20 Clowes Hall
October 23 R 4:30-7:30pm

Related Performance Eric Carle Favorites 2/18/15 & 2/19/15

The stories and artwork of Eric Carle have fascinated children and adults for years. In this hands-on workshop, learn to teach basic visual arts techniques like creating compound shapes, making 3-dimensional forms and developing cutting skills, then turn these basics into Eric Carle creatures. Explore how closely observing and describing animals or plants and comparing their similarities and differences increases understanding and creates artwork that is rich in detail and authenticity. This workshop is based on the concept that manipulation of basic shapes and forms, without the use of patterns, inspires student creativity and confidence. Join Carolyn Owens, Artist Educator, for this fun and participatory experience.

Curriculum Categories:English/Language Arts; Science; Communication; Literature-Based; Relationships & Family;
Character Development

All participants  must also register with Clowes Hall by contacting Cassandra Pixey, Clowes Education
Manager, by e-mail at or by phone at (317) 940-9942.

Intended Audience: Classroom Teachers of Grades  K-3


Exploring Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Through Multi Media Puppetry    G1 Credit

ED 501-51 Limit 20 Clowes Hall
November 3 M 4:30-7:30pm

This fun and engaging workshop from David Wright and Robin Lee Holm of Adzooks Puppets will show you how to teach students to look at everyday problems and challenges in a whole new light.  You will also see how puppets can be
effective aids in counseling children, especially in establishing trust and rapport through play - a child's first language. After creating your own found-object puppet alter ego, you'll embark on a journey of transforming conflicts
into short stories, creating commercials to impart good advice, and designing puppet inspired posters to focus on key ideas.  Utilizing iPads, you will also learn how the latest technology can be used to bring your students' ideas
to life in the digital world.  By the end of the workshop, you will have a whole new set of artistic, dramatic, and productive techniques to explore with your students.

Curriculum Categories: Counseling; Theatre; English/Language Arts; Communication; Literature-Based;
Relationships & Family; Character Development

All participants  must also register with Clowes Hall by contacting Cassandra Pixey, Clowes Education
Manager, by e-mail at or by phone at (317) 940-9942.

Intended Audience:  Classroom Teachers of Grades Pre K-5 and School Counselors


Poetry,  Not Poison: How to Find Our Way Back to the Joy of Poetry Writing      G1 Credit

ED 501-512 Limit 20 Clowes Hall
November 6 R 4:30-6:30pm


Poetry is one of our most ancient yet misunderstood art forms. We come to it joyfully as children and then often learn to fear its depth and complexity as we mature.  In this hands-on workshop, we learn to teach (and write) basic poetic
techniques like similes, metaphors, and images. We explore how to write about common objects, and how close examination can lead to rich metaphors and flourishes of poetic insight. This workshop is based on the concept that "the
poet" is the one who sees the world deeply enough to transform it into metaphorical vision. We will discuss how this capacity is not limited to the privileged few. Join George Kalamaras, Poet Laureate of Indiana, who has
taught poetry for thirty-five years, for this fun and participatory experience.

Curriculum Categories:English/Language Arts; Communication; Literature-Based; Character Development

All participants  must also register with Clowes Hall by contacting Cassandra Pixey, Clowes Education
Manager, by e-mail at  or by phone at (317) 940-9942.

Intended Audience:  Classroom Teachers of Grades 7-12