College of Education

Educational Preparation/ Licensure Programs

Teacher Education is a professional program and those wishing to enter the profession must be recommended for a license. Our licensure programs are performance based and aligned to NCATE, SPA and State standards including developmental and content standards.

The College of Education at Butler has teaching majors in Elementary Education and Middle/Secondary Education. There is a general core of professional education courses required for each license; however, specific requirements vary depending on the grade level and subjects to be taught.

A student pursuing the Elementary Education major is encouraged to pursue dual licensure in special education mild intervention. Please see the information/instructions following on Dual Licensure: Special Education Mild Intervention.

A student may also choose to pursue dual licensure as a reading teacher. Please see the information/instructions on Dual Licensure: Reading Teacher.

Within Middle/Secondary Education there are content choices. In addition, students may follow a track for K-12 licensure in Physical Education and Health, and Music Education. For specific course requirements please see the curriculum sheets.

At the graduate level, the College of Education offers licenses in School Counseling and Building Level Administrator. See the link in graduate programs.

It is recommended that students work carefully with the academic advisor in their program area. College of Liberal Arts and Science students and Jordan College of Fine Arts students pursuing licensure are encouraged to work closely with their own college academic advisor in following their licensure program sheets and plan. Students may also seek guidance from a dual advisor within the COE.

Licensure programs offered through the College of Education

  • Elementary Education Major with Mild Intervention in Special Education
  • Elementary Education Major with Reading
  • Elementary Education Major with ENL
  • Elementary Education Major with Information Literacy (non licensure)
  • Middle/Secondary Education content areas in:
    Biology (Life Sciences)
    Social Studies
  • Human Movement and Health Science Education Major: All School Settings
  • Music Education Major: All School Settings
Choral Music
Instrumental Music
Area Music
  • School Counseling: All School Settings
  • Educational Administration: Building Level Administrator - All School Settings

Dual Licensure: Special Education Mild Intervention

Butler COE provides opportunity for dual licensure in Elementary Education by adding Mild Intervention (MI) in special education. This licensure includes the previous categories of learning disabilities, mild/moderate intellectual disabilities, emotional disabilities, autism spectrum disorder/Asperger syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and other health impairments. Approximately 17 percent of all children attending school in Indiana are labeled special needs. The majority are placed in general education classrooms.

Near your time for signing up for student teaching, you will be asked to make a very important decision whether you want to add MI to your Early Childhood and Middle Childhood license or your Elementary license. As you know, most general education classrooms will have included children with labels that are covered in the MI license. Principals will be looking for those with dual licensure to teach in inclusive classrooms.

Your university supervisor will be evaluating how you have included children with special needs through differentiated instruction and assessment, individualized behavior management techniques, assessment of academic and social emotional needs, and targeted communication with parents and other stakeholders. There will be on-campus seminars to learn all the documentation requirements, with an emphasis on IEP and FBA paperwork. Additionally, we will do team problem solving using a discussion Internet board set up just for these practicum classes. State standards and how to differentiate instruction and classroom assessment will be a central focus of your work.

Dual Licensure: Reading Teacher

Butler COE  provides opportunity for dual licensure in Elementary Education by adding the reading teacher license. This licensure at the Elementary level is a sequence of courses designed to continue an undergraduate's study in the area of reading.

Dual Licensure: English as a New Language