College of Education


As a student progresses through the College of Education there are frequently appropriate forms for various actions in the process. Each form is explained below:

Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form

The drop/add/withdrawal form is used to drop, add or withdraw from a class. It is available through your academic advisor. The drop/add deadlines are published in the schedule of classes. The student must fill out the form and obtain the advisor's signature. The instructor's signature and Assistant Dean's signature are required for all withdrawals after the initial drop/add period in each semester and a reason for the withdrawal must be noted. Withdrawals will appear as W on your transcript; a dropped class does not appear. During the self-registration period the student may do this online.

Please note that the refund schedule is separate from the drop/add deadlines. The refund schedule is published in all University semester schedules.

Blue Card

The Blue Card is used to add a student to a closed or unpublished class. A student should speak directly with the instructor to be added to a closed class (a permission number is needed from the Assistant Dean), enroll in an unpublished class, or enroll in an independent study.

Blue cards are available in JH 171 and JH 180. Signatures or initials of the instructor of record, academic advisor, and Assistant Dean are required.

If the blue card is being processed after the last day to add a course for the semester, the student's assistant dean needs to grant permission for a late add (not granting permission for class entry) by signing the blue card.

Note: If the course is in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the department head (not the dean) must sign the blue card.

Change Of Major Form

This form is used to change college of enrollment, major or minor. The form is available in Jordan Hall 185 or 180. In the case of a major or college enrollment change, the former dean and new dean will be required to sign. Copies are sent to the Office of Registration and Records, the deans, the advisor, and the student.

Transfer Of Credit Forms

Butler University accepts transfer credit from any regionally and/or nationally accredited institution. You must take the course for a grade and earn a C- or better.  If the course is in your major or minor area, you must earn a C or better.  Grades of P in a Pass/Fail course are not accepted, except for some physical education courses. When the coursework is complete, you must request that the other institution send an official transcript directly to the Office of Registration and Records at Butler University. Hand-carried transcripts are not considered official unless presented to the office in an envelope sealed and signed by the other Registration.

Core Curriculum - Transfer of Credit Form

If you are planning to take courses elsewhere to fulfill University core curriculum requirements, you can obtain the Request for Approval of Transfer Credit from the Associate Provost.

College Of Education: Request for approval of Transfer Credit from another College or University

This form is to be used to enable Butler students to take summer and/or other classes at another college or university that will be applied toward a Butler degree. Course selections and schools must be approved in advance if the student wishes to ensure that credits will be accepted at Butler. The form is available in JH 171, JH 180 or JH185 and must be approved by the department head or the instructor under whom the course would be taught at Butler, and signed by the student, the advisor and the Assistant Dean. A course description must be attached.

College Of Education - Course Variance

The College of Education Course Variance form is to be used for courses taken at Butler to fulfill program, graduation and licensure requirements other than core curriculum requirements. The Course Variance form is available in JH 171, JH 180 or JH 185 and must be signed by the student, the advisor, and the licensing officer. Copies of this form are then distributed to the Office of Registration and Records, the Office of Admissions, the student, and the advisor. An intrusion form (see below) is necessary if the course is taken during the last 30 hours at Butler.

Grade Change Form

The Grade Change Form is used to change a grade. Clerical error on the part of the instructor is the only reason for a grade change. After consultation with the student, the instructor of record completes the form and it is signed by the Assistant Dean of the college. After recording in the Office of Registration and Records, a copy of the grade change is sent to the student.

Removal Of Incomplete Form

The Removal of Incomplete form is used by the instructor of record to assign a grade for an incomplete. Forms are available in JH 180 and JH 171. Upon completion of the necessary work, the instructor of record completes the form and it is signed by the assistant dean. Incompletes should be removed in the next semester in which you are enrolled or within two years. It is the responsibility of the student to follow up immediately when they receive an Incomplete for a course.

Application For Admission To Core III/Teacher Education (Word)

Intrusion Form

This form is to be used for students taking courses at other accredited academic institutions during their last 30 hours at Butler. Forms are available in JH 180, JH 171 and JH 185 and must be accompanied by the course variance form. Signatures from the assistant dean, student, advisor, licensing officer are required. Copies are distributed to the Office of Registration and Records, the Office of Admission, the student, and the advisor.

Application For Graduation

A degree application must be obtained and filed by the student in the Office of Registration and Records no later than the specific dates as published in the academic calendar.

In the year in which the degree is awarded, candidates are expected to attend the commencement exercises in academic costume. If a student finds it necessary to have the degree conferred in absentia, a petition must be presented to the dean of his or her college at least two weeks before the commencement exercises. If the petition is approved, the diploma will be mailed or may be picked up several days after the commencement exercise. No diploma will be released before the date of graduation.

Students are graduated from Butler University in May, August and December. Commencement is held in May for students who completed their work in the previous August and December as well as those who complete their work in the spring. If you will finish all requirements for your degree in August, and wish to participate in the May commencement, you must have the written permission of your dean on file in the Office of Registration and Records no later than the specific dates as published in the academic calendar.

Permission To Walk Through Graduation

In order to seek permission to walk through graduation without completion of the necessary work for your degree, the student must observe the following requirements. The student must have no more than 12 semester hours remaining for completion of the degree, unless he/she is pursuing an additional licensure area (e.g. mild intervention) that requires additional coursework during the final semester.

  1. The student must see his/her academic advisor to verify deficiencies.
  2. A plan for the completion of the deficiencies must be agreed upon by the student and his/her advisor.
  3. The student must apply for graduation in the Office of Registration and Records.
  4. The student must submit a letter requesting to walk through graduation ceremonies to the Assistant Dean of the College of Education. Included in the letter must be the plan to remove each deficiency and the scheduled date for completion. 
  5. The letter to the Assistant Dean must have the advisor's signature in order for the request to be considered.