College of Education

Short Term Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Education is taking a short-term study abroad trip to Paris, Provence, Barcelona and Madrid
May 18-29, 2014!

Travel with the College of Education and earn 3 credit hours this summer! Open to Students, Faculty/Staff, Alumni & More

Approximately $3,900 per person.  For more information, contact Chris Price at

Please read more about our trip here.

Testimonial by Courtney Foye, senior, about her experience with COE Short Term Study Abroad to Italy and Greece

I greatly enjoyed my experience studying abroad for two weeks in the summer through the College of Education and would definitely recommend the experience to others!  I went to Italy and Greece during the summer of 2012, and  it is an experience that continues to impacted my life and is something I will never forget. We did a lot within a two week time frame that allowed me to experience other cultures, make new friends, and learn a lot about the world as well as myself. 

My favorite day was when we spent an entire day on the Greek island of Santorini.  We rode donkeys up two different mountains, explored the shops and restaurants in the villages, and even jumped into the beautiful bright blue water!  I loved exploring the world with the College of Education because it was adventurous and exciting without feeling stressed about a class.  It was such a unique learning environment and an experience of a lifetime! 

Student Teaching Abroad

For information on semester long study abroad opportunities, such as student teaching abroad, please contact Sue Stahl at or 317-940-9331

Testimonial by Holly Whiteman, about her experience student teaching abroad in Tasmania

I have always been an avid traveler growing up, but nothing prepared me for the once in a lifetime opportunity to student teach in Tasmania. During my freshman year, I heard about the Tasmania program and was immediately hooked. Being a traveler and having a love for geography, I was shocked that I could not specifically pinpoint the location of Tasmania on a map. I knew it was near Australia, but I did not realize that it was a state in Australia, like Indiana is in the Unites States.  After returning from my trip overseas, I can now name all the states and territories of Australia. Having a better scope of the world is one benefit to studying abroad. Not only do I know more about the world, I have a better understanding of the importance of celebrating other cultures and traditions. Tasmania allowed me to meet other international students from all around the world. I met a group of international students during orientation week, and soon after we were organizing an international dessert night. The food was delicious!

 Another benefit of my trip was a practicum placement in a local primary (elementary) school. I was able to gain experience teaching in a kindergarten classroom. I left the placement with many fond memories and an understanding of how important it is to use the surrounding environment as a resource.  During my time with the class, we took a trip to a local farm to learn about the raising of animals and how milk is produced. For many of my students it was their first time visiting a farm.  This experience led to a discussion about how our groceries end up in the supermarket. We even had a milk investigation day with the class.

Apart from teaching and studying, my trip also encompassed multiple weekend trips throughout Tasmania. I was able to hike up and down a mountain in order to swim in one of the top beaches in the world. I visited Port Arthur, which is an old convict site in Tasmania, and I was even able to hold a baby wombat. For other students considering traveling abroad, I would strongly advise them to take this exciting leap, because you never know where your travels may lead you.