College of Education

College of Education Board of Visitors

The purpose of the Board of Visitors is to assist the College of Education and to advise the University administration and the Board of Trustees in order to ensure that the college offers the highest quality experiences for the preparation of professional educators. Quality is assured through review by the administration and the board of the college's planning, programs, and initiatives and through input on the knowledge and skills needed to be successfully prepared for professional education roles in our complex world. The administration and the board help the college maintain its focus on its vision and mission, within the parameters of the university's strategic plan. They also assist in defining and implementing standards of excellence in all of the college's activities. This includes promoting an awareness of external environmental trends and professional education needs in all of the college's planning, programs and activities.

Members of the COE Board of Visitors participate in the following:

  • Advocate the mission, goals and objectives of the College of Education to external constituencies
  • Create supportive linkages between the college and persons and organizations in the Indianapolis community and beyond
  • Assist in identifying and soliciting financial, human and other types of resources to support the work of the college, as appropriate
  • Provide personal support through sharing of time, expertise, or other resources.