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Accreditation of the College of Education

The Butler University College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

NCATE defines accreditation as: "(1) a process for assessing and enhancing academic and educational quality through voluntary peer review.  NCATE accreditation informs the public that an institution has a professional education unit that has met state, professional, and institutional standards of educational quality.  (2)  the decision rendered by NCATE when an institution's professional education unit meets NCATE's standards and requirements."

Why is accreditation important?

Dr. Deb Lecklider, Associate Dean of the COE, explains the importance of accreditation in the 2012 COE Year in Review:

"Because the College of Education holds itself to the highest standards in the preparation of teachers, administrators, counselors and educators, it is imperative that we examine our practices on a regular basis and continuously improve.  One measure we use to investigate our effectiveness is NCATE...Accreditation is the process we use to tell our story.  Since our last NCATE visit in 2004, all faculty have served on either a Specialized Professional Association (SPA) committee or a Standard Committee researching, assessing, collecting data, analyzing results, and ultimately changing practices.  Because we had the entire faculty working collaboratively, we believe we gained greater results and inadvertently build a stronger community.  This self-analysis reflects the hard work on my COE colleagues and provides evidence of a high-quality program."


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