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Graduate Initial Licensure Program (GILP)

The College of Education at Butler University's Graduate Initial Licensure Program (GILP) is designed to honor the life and work experiences of adult students, while also placing a high value on the development of the philosophical stance, pedagogical skills, and professional knowledge necessary to serve as highly effective teachers and collaborative colleagues.  GILP supports qualified and passionate individuals who want to transition from a career and an academic major outside of education into a career as a licensed middle/secondary teacher.  Classes are held during the evening hours.  Students will need to be able to schedule some practicum field experiences during the school day.


The program is designed for candidates who already have content expertise in the area of intended licensure. The 31 graduate credit hour licensure program supports candidates while they pursue a middle/secondary (grades 5-12) teaching license in:

  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Social Studies (Economics, Geographical Perspectives, Government and Citizenship, Historical Perspectives, Psychology, Sociology)
  • Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, German)



Once you have submitted a complete application to GILP, you will be assigned a graduate advisor who will assist you throughout the admissions process and licensure program. The admissions process will culminate in an individual licensure plan unique to the student's prior education, experience, and professional objectives.  Before you apply to GILP, please review the Checklist for GILP Students document, specifically the items under Benchmark #1.

GILP Highlights

  • 14 month program that includes credit that may apply towards the Master's in Effective Teaching and Leadership degree
  • Flexible capstone clinical experience in middle/secondary settings that will prepare you for full-time teaching
  • Specific clinical capstone experience for candidates already working full-time as instructional assistants in middle or high school settings
  • Upon successful completion of the program candidates will have grades 5-12 licensure
  • Small class sizes and individual support from highly respected COE faculty
  • All GILP candidates take coursework with practicing K-12 educators, thus allowing for informal mentoring of candidates by experienced teachers. 

Admissions Standards for GILP

Prospective students must minimally have a bachelor's degree granted by an accredited institution.

Readiness for Graduate Studies

To enter into graduate work in the College of Education at Butler University, prospective students must have a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or a GRE score of 291 (875 for older GRE exams) and two letters of recommendation.

Content Knowledge Proficiency

Prospective graduate students seeking a content specific secondary (grades 5-12) teaching license must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0, AND a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the content courses for the license area. 

Prospective students who do not meet the minimum content area GPA requirement OR who do not have an undergraduate degree in the content area in which they seek licensure may choose to submit a portfolio of successful professional experiences.

Individuals with a degree outside of the content area for which they seek licensure, may need to take supplemental coursework not included in the 31 credit hour GILP. Examples might include engineers wanting to teach science, a business and accounting major wanting to teach math, lawyers wanting to teach social studies, etc.  At the admissions interview, these individuals must submit a portfolio as documentation of knowledge and application from work experience and other forms of professional certification.  The portfolio should follow the professional standards for the area of intended licensure:






If offered admission, students will sign a plan documenting the course of study including any hours above and beyond the program requirements.

Other Requirements

Candidates completing GILP must meet all academic requirements for provisional licensure at the appropriate level in the state of Indiana. Persons with misdemeanor or felony convictions may not be eligible for licensure.  Candidates are responsible for completing additional requirements as mandated by the State of Indiana.

GILP Plan of Study



Summer I

ED 480   Foundations of Teaching Children with Differences (2 credit hours)

ED 583Characteristics of Children Needing Mild Intervention (3 credit hours)

ED 492  Special Education Law (1 credit hour)

Summer II                                      

ED 450  Introduction to Secondary Education  (2 credit hours)

ED 529  Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (3 credit hours)



ED 534a Topical Seminar: Inclusive Pedagogy for Diverse Learners (3 credit hours)

ED 528 Issues in Curriculum & Instruction (Secondary Content Methods) (3 credit hours)

ED 528A Secondary Curriculum and Instruction Field Experience Lab (1 credit hour)

ED 420 Young Adolescent Literature (Only if ED529 not taken) (3 credit hours)



ED 438 Seminar for the Secondary Clinical Capstone Experience - (2 credit hours)  AND

ED 580 Secondary Student Teaching (5 credit hours) OR

ED 581 Secondary Intensive Field Experience (5 credit hours)



Summer I

ED 530 Foundations in Effective Teaching and Leadership, Part I (3 credit hours)

Summer II

ED 531 Foundations in Effective Teaching and Leadership, Part II (3 credit hours)


Are you ready to apply?

We are currently accepting applications for our May 2015 GILP cohort.  The deadline for submitting a completed application and all related materials is March 1, 2015.


Interested individuals should apply online for the METL program (  There is an option for GILP within the METL application.

Admissions interviews will be conducted during the week of March 3, 2014.  Faculty from the College of Education will contact you via email to schedule an admissions interview.


Contact Information

Lindsay Williams

GILP Program Coordinator