College of Education

Dean's Message

The College of Education at Butler University is dedicated to preparing outstanding teachers, administrators, school counselors and professionals in health-related professions including physical education and exercise science. At a time when colleges of education have never been more closely scrutinized for the way they prepare students for careers in education-related fields, Butler University has remained resolute in its commitment to providing comprehensive and extended learning opportunities for our students in a caring and person-centered environment. A special feature of our teacher preparation programs involves an early introduction to the profession of teaching. Students are encouraged and provided with the opportunity to explore teaching as early as the freshman year to ensure that this career path is a good match for their interests and talents. Butler's professional development school partnerships provide the student with additional opportunities for working with practicing teachers to further expand their knowledge and experience base. Individuals interested in pursuing graduate degrees are offered the opportunity to study in the areas of educational leadership, school counseling, and effective teaching. Butler's College of Education utilizes a cohort approach for establishing graduate classes in educational leadership and school counseling. In this way, students have the opportunity to complete their degree programs with peers they came into the program with, and further engage each other in issues of common interest and social importance. The Masters in Effective Teaching program allows the student, in concert with a faculty advisor, to plan a course of study that caters to the student's special interests while providing instruction and experiential learning opportunities in areas concurrent with society's needs.

The faculty, staff and administration of the College of Education are clearly committed to providing the best possible learning experience for our students. Butler's College of Education remains on the cutting edge of technology and aspires to provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage in multicultural experiences. If you want to be involved in the most important work in society, choose education. If you want to have fun doing it, come to Butler!

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