College of Education

M. Reynolds

Marsha Reynolds

B.S., Elementary Education, Indiana University/Purdue University, 1973
M.S., Education, Butler University, 1978
Administration Certificate, EPPSP, Butler University, 1987

Current Profession
Director of Elementary Education, MSD of Washington Township

Honors & Awards
Whale Hunting Women "Big Deal in Education 2008" Award
Recipient of 2010 Champion of Indiana Network for Early Language Learning Award
Recipient of 2008 Big Deal in Education Award
Principal of School of 2006 National Blue Ribbon Award
Team Facilitator Leader of Indiana Principal Leadership Academy
Recipient of  2003 Administrator of the Year Award of MSDWT
Recipient of Lilly Endowment Administrator Creativity Grant
Business Week Economic Literacy Award
Recipient of Joe Nygaard Award, Butler University
Served on Advisory Board to National Governor's Conference
Received 1st Place Award for Olin Davis Exemplary Teaching of Economic Education in State of Indiana
Named Indianapolis Jaycees "Outstanding Young Educator"
Named Indianapolis Public Schools "Teacher of the Year"

Professional Organization Memberships
Board of Visitors, Butler University
Committee Member of Heartland Film Festival Announcement Party
Asian Learning Center Advisory Committee
St. Luke's Methodist Church Program Team Chairperson
Global Indiana Board Member
Indiana Council for Economic Education Advisory Board Member