College of Education

Jerry J. Knauff

Jerry Knauff SidebarEducation
Rochester High School, Rochester, Indiana
Butler University, 1959-1961
B.B.A. Economics, Southwestern University, 1964
South Texas College of Law, 1964-1965
University of Houston Graduate School-Business, 1966

Honors and Rewards
Rochester High School Athletic Hall of Fame
Who's Who in America - Business
Street named in his honor - Houston, Texas
Senior Olympics Gold Medal/Basketball

Professional Affiliations (Past and Present)
American Bankers Association
National Homebuilders Association
National Association of Realtors
Texas Builders Association
Texas Association of Realtors
Tennessee Homebuilders Association
Alabama Homebuilders Association
Nashville Homebuilders Association
Houston Homebuilders Association
Houston Association of Realtors
National Renewable Fuels Association
Phi Delta Theta
Houston Alumni Club of Phi Delta Theta - President

Civic Activities (Past and Present)
Municipal Utility District Board of Directors and President
Homeowner Association Board of Directors and President

Board of Directors
Indiana Renewable Fuels
Indiana Flex Fuels
Van Wert Energy
Houston Bank
Manitou Energy

High School and College Basketball
Poker - P.P.P.A. 2005 Champion
Senior Olympics - Basketball
Snow Skiing