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Administrative Staff

Mary Allen
Administrative Specialist, Undergraduate Programs
Holcomb 164
(317) 940-6521

Serves as undergraduate record specialist and assistant to the director of undergraduate programs.

Joyce Bacone
Graduate Programs Assistant
Holcomb 133
(317) 940-9842

Serves as primary contact for prospective current and prospective graduate students.


Brenda Bantz

Holcomb 120
(317) 940-9221

Provides customer service and administrative support.


Angela Chaplin
Career Development Consultant
Holcomb 123A
(317) 940-9429

Serves as career mentor to undergraduate students.

Sandy Coppadge
Secretary, Career Development
Holcomb 123D
(317) 940-8426

Serves as secretary for the Career Development Office and assistant to the internship coordinators.

Gina Head
Administrative Secretary to the Dean
Holcomb 126
(317) 940-9652

Provides administrative support to the Dean of the College of Business.

Carrie Meyer
Career Development Consultant
Holcomb 123A
(317) 940-6450

Serves as career mentor to undergraduate students.

Jill Novotny
Manager of Undergraduate Career Development
Holcomb 123B
(317) 940-8025

Serves as internship coordinator and career mentor.

Diana Todd
Administrative Assistant
Butler Business Consulting Group
Holcomb 110
(317) 940-6500

Provides administrative support for the Butler Business Accelerator.