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Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) Advisory Board

In order to facilitate industry contact, as well as to provide an experienced perspective, the SMIF has formed an Advisory Board comprised of alumni and friends who are investment practitioners. Each sector team will be assigned an Advisory Board member that will serve as a reference for investment ideas and recommendations. The Advisory Board (or at least a portion) will also be a part of the performance measurement presentation at the end of the SMIF course.

For more information, contact Steve Dolvin at

Jim Wolf Vice President, Lilly Credit Union
Rollie Dick Consultant, MH Equity Investors
Dave Franklin Portfolio Manager, Morgan Asset Management
Stephen Zimmerman Advisor, Wealth Planning and Management

Ryan Fuhrmann

Kevin Hitchen

Thomas Milentis

Scott Luc

Brian Pitkin

Portfolio Manager, Fuhrmann Capital


Senior Portfolio Manager, Fifth Third

Financial Advisor

Portfolio Manager, URI Capital