College of Business - Real Life. Real Business.

Dean's Welcome

Chuck WilliamsIt is my pleasure to introduce you to real life, real business at Butler University. In the College of Business, we provide our students with a series of unique environments where students learn by doing.

Similar to a teaching hospital, we have created practice fields in which students learn by working with real, local businesses. This innovative approach provides students with the highest level of skill development, provides our faculty with unique research opportunities, and helps local businesses prosper and grow.

Undergraduate students begin their journey with the Freshman Business Experience, in which they engage in guided self-exploration, hone their teamwork skills, interact with local partner companies and develop a business plan. This leads into an innovative sophomore experience in which students develop and run a live business for real money.

Career development is woven throughout the program. From the day they arrive on campus, students work with an individual career mentor who has vast professional experience. In the junior and senior years, students complete two internships for credit and many students choose to work and study abroad.

Interaction with real businesses with live cases continues throughout the curriculum - from the freshman year throughout the MBA program. Students have the opportunity to manage a $1 million investment fund in the stock market, provide advice to private equity firms, assist local retailers with market research and product recommendations - and so much more.

Students and faculty work alongside professional consultants in the Butler Business Consulting Group, which is a real consulting firm that is run within the College. The Butler Business Consulting Group works with middle-market companies in Central Indiana and has an impressive client list. Students and faculty provide real solutions to local companies, resulting in a learning experience that is unmatched by any other business school. 

I invite you to partner with us as we engage students, faculty and businesses in real life, real business. Send your comments and suggestions directly to me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Chuck Williams, Dean
College of Business