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So you have decided to study Classics at college (If you need help convincing your parents, send them here).

Our  Latin and Greek courses usually have 5-15 students. It is a very intimate environment where you will have the opportunity for individualized attention as you develop mastery of the languages. My advanced course on the comedies of Plautus had students from first year students to seniors, and they continue to bond as a group.

There are also opportunities for summer research. I worked with Brian Gross through the Butler Summer Institute. His project explored the role that Milton and Vergil assigned their gods in the lives of mortals. We met regularly for coffee and tea over a ten week period. Brian plans to present this research at conferences.

In Summer 2011, we are offering a study trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples where students will read works of Latin literature as we explore the Colosseum, Pompeii, and the treasures of the Vatican.

Thanks to the Watkins Fund, students can apply for financial assistance to supplement their classroom experience. Money from the Watkins Fund can help you participate in undergraduate conferences, archaeological digs, or summer programs in Rome and Athens.

Your undergraduate career is an excellent opportunity to make long lasting connections, and I am confident that the small, hands-on nature of our program will give you the opportunity to share your passion for Greece and Rome with our dedicated faculty and enthusiastic students. Please feel free to email me ( if you have any questions.


Christopher Bungard, Assistant Professor of Classical Studies