Why study Classics?

The culture, history and literature of Ancient Greece and Rome have long captivated the imagination of people throughout history and across the globe, from the Renaissance to the Founding Fathers of America to modern writers from the Caribbean. We continue to live in a world of classical roots, whether it be the Athenian roots of democracy or the Roman origins of our Republic, the Greek love for the beauty of athletics, or an enthusiasm for theater that moved from Greece to Rome to Shakespeare and beyond. The Greeks and the Romans helped articulate the liberal arts that are at the heart of a Butler education. As we engage with the thinking and the art of the ancients, we aim to develop an understanding, enjoyment and critical appreciation of some abiding principles of our world. We enter into dialogue with minds of the past in order to understand ourselves better now. Studying the Greeks and Romans, we become part of our larger family over time. We enrich our minds and our imaginations, and we sharpen our skills for work and life today.

Why Study Classics at Butler?

  • Intimate and vibrant learning community: Students in the Classical Studies program at Butler have the opportunity to work closely with a small, but dedicated faculty. Smaller classes give students a greater opportunity to engage directly with faculty and with each other. As part of a smaller major, students develop a stronger sense of a community of thinkers, engaging in a subject they are passionate about.
  • Building on past knowledge: Our program recognizes the quality of work many students have done before arriving on our campus. Students placing into second or third year of Latin and completing at least six hours of study in Latin are eligible for 3-9 advanced placement credit hours which may count towards the major or the minor.
  • Real engagement with the ancient world: Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the environments that inspired the ancient Greeks and Romans. Our program offers the opportunity to study the culture and literature of the Romans while travelling to important sites in Rome and Italy. Our program is also supportive of students who wish to study abroad in programs in Greece and Italy specifically focused around Classical Studies.
  • Practical experience: Our students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to work with faculty on research of their own, whether in the form of a Butler Summer Institute project or a senior thesis. Students who have done quality research have presented their work at undergraduate conferences and regional Classics conferences.
  • Making your education your own: Thanks to generous support from the Georgia Watkins Fund, our program provides funds to help students participate in archaeological digs, select summer study programs, or conferences in Classics. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.
  • Embracing the liberal arts: Since the field of Classical Studies embraces a wide variety of approaches to the study of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, our program encourages students who wish to relate their interest in Classics with work in other disciplines. Our students often take courses in English, history, philosophy, religion, political science and the modern languages.

Why Butler for Classical Studies?


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