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The Eli Lilly Collection of Asian Art at the neighboring Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of the finest comprehensive collections of Chinese art built by an individual in the United States.

A wide range of courses and cultural programs for students of China

China studies at Butler are an integral part of both liberal and professional education. All Butler students encounter Chinese history and culture through the Change and Tradition program, while programs in International Studies and in International Management feature concentrations in China. The Department of Modern Foreign Languages teaches Chinese in a lively and interactive atmosphere, one which emphasizes language facility for everyday social and business life.

Butler students come from nearly every state in the United States and more than a dozen foreign countries. While generating the warmth and sense of community characteristic of a small liberal arts institution, Butler offers all the international influences and cultural advantages of an urban center. Butler University features a wide array of programs in the liberal arts and sciences, education, business, the health professions and the performing arts. Classes are small, and students have many opportunities to work closely with faculty. Butler's mission is to provide the highest quality of liberal and professional education -- including the study of Chinese language, history and culture.

Sample of Course Offerings in China Studies at Butler

CN 101, 102. Beginning Chinese (Mandarin)
CN 203, 204. Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin)
FL 320. Chinese Civilization
AN 366. Peoples and Cultures of Asia
AN 486. Issues in Contemporary Chinese Society
RL 352. Religions of China
RL 353. Buddhism: Past and Present
HS 366. Modern China
HN 300. Protest and Student Activism in China
PO 380. Political Economy of East Asia
JR 417. International Communication
MG 320. International Business Environment
MG 310. Contemporary Business Issues in China
RX 653 Alternative and Complementary Medicine


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