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Chemistry Degree Curriculum Requirements

Information Sheets

The department has created a series of information sheets that provide details on specific topics related to the chemistry major. Click on the appropriate link you are interested in:

Chemistry Curriculum Guide (doc 115 kb)
Chemistry and Pre-Health Studies (PDF 20kb)
Chemistry and Secondary Education (PDF 153kb)
A sample schedule for a chemistry major (doc 38kb)
Internship information

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Chemistry at Butler University is to provide modern, rigorous, and comprehensive learning experiences for students in the field of chemistry.

The Chemistry Major

The Department of Chemistry at Butler University is proud to offer a degree certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Certification ensures a solid foundation in science through critical thought and broad exposure to the various facets of chemistry. This is an excellent option for career-minded students wishing to be competitive in the pursuit of graduate or professional study or employment directly in the chemical industry after graduation. Please see the link for specific course requirements.

The department also offers a broad-based Honors Curriculum. This option may be an excellent choice for students interested in pre-health, pre-law, or education.  Full course requirements for this option can be found here.

Lastly, students who wish to double major with some other discipline can earn a Chemistry Major by completing a minimum of 32 hours of chemistry.  This option is only appropriate for those students that are using chemistry to support a major in another area and will not be pursuing employment or graduate study in the chemical field.

The Chemistry Minor

The department offers a minor in chemistry, which is composed of General Chemistry (CH105-6 or CH107), Organic Chemistry (CH351-2), and at least one additional course chosen from the following advanced chemistry courses:

  • Analytical - CH321
  • Inorganic - CH332
  • Biochemistry - CH361
  • Physical - CH471, CH472

Departmental Honors Courses

The chemistry department offers Chemistry Seminar (CH492) and Undergraduate Research (CH493) which fulfill the requirements for university honors.

Chemistry Internships

Our department has numerous connections with area businesses and offers several internship programs for students who wish to explore outside of the classroom. In addition, many national and international programs are offered through the University. The chemistry department will give a maximum of 9 hours of elective credit for internships.

Writing Intensive Courses

Our department offers a number of courses that fulfill the University requirement for intensive writing:

Intensive Writing courses are to be taken during the junior or senior year. The chemistry courses that fulfill this requirement are:

Analytical - CH424
Physical - CH473 or CH474
Biochemistry - CH463 or CH464