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Center for Academic Technology Lending Library

Center for Academic Technology has equipment and books for faculty and staff members to experience the newest technology that students use every day and explore ways to integrate it into the classroom. For more information or to check out an item, please contact Center for Academic Technology at 317-940-8575 or visit the Center for Academic Technology in JH037.

R-09HR Audio RecorderRoland R-09HR Handheld Audio Recorder

The R-09HR is a professional quality audio recorder that is compact and easy to use. It features a high-grade, high sensitivity stereo condenser microphone that allows it to record at 24bit/96kHz fidelity. The unit has a built in LED display, an internal speaker and headphone jack to preview recordings, and comes with a wireless remote. Audio files are saved to an SD card and can be transferred to any computer via a USB cable.

NanoApple iPod Nano with Belkin TuneTalk Stereo

TuneTalk allows any iPod to record CD quality sound without any special software. Files are easily transferred back to a computer using iTunes.

TouchApple iPod Touch

Apple's iPod Touch uses advanced touch screen technology to break out of the button based user interface. Features internet and email capabilities, as well as a wide variety of third party applications designed to adapt the Touch for learning enhancement.

HDCameraHard Drive Video Camera

A high-definition video camera as well as FLIP video cameras record directly to a hard drive, making it quick and easy to get movies and pictures from the cameras to a computer.

KindleKindle Wireless Reader

Kindle has an electronic-paper display that makes reading on it easy. Books, newspapers and blogs can be downloaded directly to the device, even without a wireless connection. Also has built in dictionary and Wikipedia features.

Instructional Books and Manuals

The Center for Academic Technology also has a library of application tutorials/manuals and technology pedagogy books that are available for checkout. Below is a list of some of the titles available.

  • Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns

    According to recent studies in neuroscience, the way we learn doesn't always match up with the way we are taught. If we hope to stay competitive--academically, economically, and technologically--we need to rethink our understanding of intelligence, reevaluate our educational system, and reinvigorate our commitment to learning. In other words, we need "disruptive innovation". Filled with fascinating case studies, scientific findings, and unprecedented insights on how innovation must be managed, Disrupting Class will open your eyes to new possibilities, unlock hidden potential, and get you to think differently. Professor Christensen and his coauthors provide a bold new lesson in innovation that will help you make the grade for years to come.

  • Electronic Portfolios: Emerging Practices in Student, Faculty, and Institutional Learning

    The portfolio is a powerful tool for learning and assessment. Introducing the electronic into the mix increases its power, especially the electronic portfolio's key features of interactive hyperlinks and continuous reflection on and updating of learning. This foundational volume examines the potential of electronic portfolios by addressing: rationales for creating an electronic portfolio, features of the portfolio, examples of current practice, cautions, and recommendations.

  • Introduction to Rubrics: An Assessment Tool to Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback and Promote Student Learning

    At its most basic a rubric is a scoring tool that divides an assignment into its component parts and objectives, and provides a detailed description of what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable levels of performance for each part. This book defines what rubrics are and how to construct and use them. It provides a complete introduction for anyone starting out to integrate rubrics in their teaching.

  • The Learning Portfolio: Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning

    Straightforward and easy to understand, this book offers readers both an academic understanding of and rationale for learning portfolios and practical information that can be custom tailored to suit many disciplinary, pedagogical, programmatic, and institutional needs. The Learning Portfolio reflects the intellectual growth and excitement that both professors and students have experienced in developing learning portfolios.

Suggestions or Questions? Contact the Center for Academic Technology at 317-940-8575.