Center for Academic Technology

Margaretha Geertsema

Margaretha Geertsema has been teaching Journalism at Butler for the past 5 years. She teaches Intro to Media Writing, Intro to Mass Communication, and International Communication. Her research area focuses on the representation and access of women in international media. This focus originated because she is originally from South Africa.

Dr. Geertsema is using a combination of social media and technology in her classes. Her students are active users of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and wikis, not because they use these technologies personally, but because they use them for her classes.

From this, her students learn to effectively use social media to become more competitive in their respective professions after graduation.

Margaretha Geertsema brings the best of both worlds to her classes including fun and learning. She employs new media to help facilitate discussion and learning, using a variety of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Whether it is creating a Facebook group to collaborate about Women's Rights or a blog to comment weekly on, her students are always actively engaged in learning through new media and technology.