Center for Academic Technology

Arthur Hochman

Arthur Hochman is a professor in the College of Education in his 20th year here at Butler University. He teaches primarily elementary education classes.

Hochman integrates technology into his classes in such a way that requires students to fully delve into the unknown. He employs technology in a creative way striving to go beyond and elaborate upon its usual purpose.

Recently, Hochman chose to focus on Garage Band, an application that enables users to create and edit music, in one of his courses exploring the utilization of the arts to help teach the content of a class. Hochman's students used Garage Band to help explain and teach literature in a theatrical sense.

Additionally, Hochman believes in presenting only free software options to his students. He does not want his students to be thinking that "I can only use technology or I can only be an effective teacher if I have the money to buy this program and 40 copies of it for all of my students."

Hochman also utilizes technology to teach his students how they can perform more effective searches on a search engine, such as Searching on the internet is a seemingly simple task that many of his students do every day, but as Hochman points out: as with everything, one can always learn to do something better.

Hochman advises others considering the use of technology in the classroom to take the risk and "just jump in and try something," and also to seek out other faculty to inquire how they are using technology and "see how it can be used in a way that is purposeful and not just because it's there."