College of Communication

Richard Miles '87, M.S. '91

VP - Audio Services / Station Mgr, WFYI Public Radio 90.1 FM

Richard Miles

Richard Miles is vice president for interactive media and content strategies for WFYI, public broadcasting in Indianapolis. He works with programming and operations staff to select and schedule content from PBS, NPR, BBC, APM, PRI, and local programs featured on WFYI's channels, stations and websites.

Miles graduated from Butler with bachelor's and master's degrees in radio-television. From 1987-1999, he helped manage Butler's radio and television stations WAJC and WTBU, and taught in the department. In 1999, he transitioned to WFYI (PBS) as part of the WTBU-WFYI television joint operating agreement.

He serves on boards of the Public Television Programmers Association, WEDM-FM (Warren Central High School), Y-Press, the Lacy Leadership Association, and the Jordan College of the Arts Board of Visitors. He lives in Indianapolis and has two daughters.