Center for Citizenship and Community

Butler University Service-learning (CL) course criteria

Service learning combines classroom work and theory with relevant service projects that involve an element of critical reflection.

The service learning operational team (SLOT) has decided upon the following criteria for courses to be designated with the service-learning (SL) rubric:

  • Service learning courses combine classroom work and theory with relevant service project(s) coupled with critical reflection, therefore
    • course work goals should be clearly stated and realistic.
    • relevant service project(s) with viable, respected community partners must be outlined on the proposal form and for students.
    • instructors should frequently illuminate the connection between the classroom and the community, making the service meaningful and alive.
    • critical reflection components must be woven into the regular course work - a distinction that separates service learning from basic volunteerism
  • Service learning courses provide benefit to Butler students and to the community, therefore
    • students should be given the opportunity to be leaders in their learning process and develop as engaged citizens.
    • by contributing to the community as valued members, students should have the opportunity to form lasting partnerships with that community.
    • community partners should be respected as co-educators who make significant contributions to the learning experience.
    • community partners' needs should be equitably matched with students' abilities.
  • Evaluation standards are clearly stated, therefore
    • ongoing assessment and feedback of both the individual student(s) and the broader project should be provided by all involved parties.
    • students grades should be based on the learning of course content and its relationship to service.
  • Service-learning is an ongoing process of development, therefore service-learning professors will be offered opportunities to attend periodic service-learning workshops.