Internship & Career Services

Internship & Job Search Resources

To complement our career advising services, we have several resources available to students and alumni to assist in the internship or job search process.

 Top Internship and Job Online Resources





        Job Search Engine

       Glass Door

        Company Research


 Job Search  (On and Off-Campus)




 Internship Search Engine


        Indiana Internships


      Government Job Postings

    Not-for-profit Organization

             Job Search


   Indianapolis Area Not-for-Profit

               Job Search


Didn't find exactly what you were looking for? Visit our online job search resources directory for industry and special interest specific websites.


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Events and Programs

ICS offers a variety of career-related events and programs. Visit the Events and Programs section for details on upcoming events.


Academic Requirements for Internships

Because every academic department has its own requirements for internships, it is important that you contact your academic department. Your department will provide you with information about prerequisites needed, G.P.A. requirements, etc. See the Internship Coordinator listing for more information.