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Butler University Student Employment (BUSE)

Important Dates

  • August 1, 2011 - Students eligible for Federal Work Study funds may begin applying to on-campus and Federal Work Study jobs through B.L.U.E.
  • August 10, 2011 - All students may begin applying to on-campus jobs through B.L.U.E.

Student Employment at Butler University consists of two types of jobs: on-campus employment and off-campus Federal Work Study Community Service jobs. Some of the many areas that employ students include: academic departments, business offices, intramurals, athletics, laboratories, tutoring, information technology, music teaching, theatre, telecommunications, residential halls, admissions, the Health and Recreation Complex (HRC), and nonprofit organizations.

If you are a student interesting in working part-time, here is a step by step guide to help you through the application process:

Butler University Student Employment (BUSE) Guide

Maximizing the Student Employment Experience


Do you consider working part-time as "just a job"? The reality is that your on-campus work experience is so much more than that! Using your time wisely while you work is going to positively impact your life professionally, academically, and personally. Take pride in the fact that you are working in addition to being in school.  Click the link below for five ways to maximize your time:

Tips for Students


We are all extremely busy, but we should try not to forget what our first priority is as employees of Butler University. We are here to support students as they become educated members of society. Every supervisor has the ability to allow students the opportunity to grow professionally in their on-campus jobs. In addition to all of the great work you do, here are 5 extra tips on ways to aid your student employee, and yourself:

Tips for Supervisors

Federal Work Study

Students who receive financial aid may have some assistance in the form of "self-help" dollars. These dollars typically come in the form of student employment or educational loan options. These programs include: Federal Work Study, Federal Perkins Loan, and Federal Stafford Loan.

Students who have been awarded Federal Work Study as a part of their financial aid package must seek on campus employment or Community Service employment. The dollars that are awarded to you must be acquired by working in an approved campus job. The student receives a paycheck with normal withholding - the money is not automatically applied toward their student account.

The primary benefit of the Federal Work Study program for the student is the fact that the income from this type of employment is exempt from the income reported on the subsequent year's Financial Aid Form. If a student works beyond the dollars offered through Federal Work Study, the additional income will have to be reported on the subsequent Financial Aid Form.

Money earned through the Federal Work Study program does not change the student's need-base from year to year. For more information on Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office on campus at (317) 940-8200 or visit the Financial Aid Office website.

Required Forms

It is very important as a Student Employment Supervisor to become oriented with the various forms / paperwork that should be completed in order to secure a student as an employee in your department. Please remember that students are employed by Butler University and because they are covered by workmen's compensation, all paperwork must be completed in a timely manner before a student begins to work. Should you have questions about any of the forms / paperwork, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Employment Coordinator for clarification.

  • The Blank Job Description Form

The Blank Job Description form is for your convenience in advertising on-campus employment opportunities available in your department. Please fill out all information clearly and completely. Forward the completed form to Liz Freedman, Student Employment Coordinator, Internship & Career Services, AU 315; The job will be assigned a Job Number, and posted on our web site.

Blank Job Description Form (MS Word)

  • The Student Employment Form

The Student Employment Form enables a student to properly secure on-campus employment. Only submit this form when hiring a student that has never worked for Butler University, in your department, or in a specific position in your department before. If you are rehiring a student in the same position, no form is necessary. If the student has never worked on campus before, they will also need to fill out Indiana and Federal tax forms and I-9 verification paperwork in addition to the Student Employment Form.  A student will need this form filled out for every position they hold on campus, even if they have two jobs within the same department. Please submit this form to Internship and Career Services.

Student Employment Form (MS Word)

  • The Status Change Report

The Status Change Report informs the Internship & Career Services office about the status of our student employees. The form may be used for the following reasons: 

No Longer works in the department

Temporary Employee

Rate Change

The form should be completed by the supervisor and forwarded to the Coordinator of Student Employment, Liz Freedman, AU 315;

Status Change Report Form (MS Word)

  • I-9 Verification Form

This is a Department of Justice Employment Eligibility Verification Form. The student completes Section I; the supervisor completes Section II which verifies the identification of the student. A copy of this identification is then attached to this form. (A copy of the passport, or a copy of a picture ID and either social security card or certified copy of a birth certificate may be used). When making copies, be sure to copy both the front AND back of the document. Original documents must be provided to the supervisor to make copies and will be returned. For other identification forms to be used, please refer to the 2nd page of the I-9 Verification Form.

I-9 Verification Form (PDF)

Other Forms:

Policies & Procedures

Hiring a student is a process that has some basic steps. From having your position posted on B.L.U.E. to determining an appropriate wage, the Internship & Career Services office is here as a resource for you. We offer suggestions on evaluation and recognition of employees as well as information on how to solve problems and grievances.
Policies & Procedures

Student Employment Wage Scale/Job Classifications

Determine the rate of pay for the position in your area.
Student Employment Wage Scale

Student Employment Coordinator

Liz Freedman is the On-Campus Student Employment Coordinator. She is located in the Internship & Career Services office in Atherton Union, room 315 and can be reached at (317) 940-8425 or email