Butler Goes Green

Other Campus Initiatives

Campus Police

  • Campus security uses electric vehicle instead of gas powered vehicle
  • Bike patrol to save gas and increase police visibility
  • Standing directive to power down lights in classrooms not in use when patrolling buildings
  • Purchased their first Flex Fuel vehicle

Information Resource's New Data Center (basement of new COPHS building)

  • High Efficiency CPUs (power reduction of 40Watts/cpu)
  • Sun Blade 6000 Blade Servers
    - More power efficient power supplies than traditional rack mount servers.
    - Fewer power supplies and less wasted energy.
    - Everything is recyclable (chassis and blade servers).
  • Server Virtualization using VMWare ESX
    - Reduction in number of physical servers (about 18:1 reduction currently).
    - About 60% of our servers are virtual now, expect that to increase to around 85% in next 6-12 months.
    - Improves resource utilization and efficiency.
  • Storage virtualization (future - within 6 months)
    - Use Thin Provisioning to reduce number of idle drives - will grow and use power as necessary instead of provisioning everything in advance.
  • Datacenter NOC (Network Operations Center).
  • Furniture made with recycled materials.
  • Industry standard hot aisle/cold aisle design in the datacenter.

Other campus initiatives

  • Student Accounts moved to online billing, saving paper and decrease of 6,000 pieces of mail yearly.
  • ECO Dawgs is a faculty/staff group that promotes environmental issues on campus.
  • ECO Committee is student group that promotes environmental issues on campus.
  • ECO (Environmental Concerns Organization) is a student run group formed to increase campus awareness of environmental issues, promote recycling on campus, and provide service to the community thru environmental projects.
  • Used mattresses are donated to St. Vincent DePaul.
  • Aramark food service tray less in cafeterias to save water and replacement tray waste.