Butler Goes Green

Cleaning Products and Maintenance Items

Cleaning Products:

  • All cleaning chemicals are "green products"
  • Foam hand soap used in campus restrooms to reduce water waste
  • All paper products "environmentally friendly"
  • All trash bags "environmentally friendly"

Maintenance Items:

  • Lighting retrofit to use energy saving bulbs and ballasts
  • Drain Cleaner is a "Green" product
  • Water free Urinals installed in some restrooms
  • Water saving devices installed in Apartment Village
  • Energy Star appliances purchased for University apartments.
  • Used light bulbs and batteries recycled
  • A project with Honeywell allowed us to obtain several smaller, more efficient hot water boilers
  • Honeywell Energy management for gas savings in boiler replacements and chilled water plant
  • Light sensors installed in classrooms and restrooms to save electricity
  • Installing more bicycle racks on campus to encourage cycling to work and classes

Grounds Care

  • Compost leaves and flower waste and return to planting beds
  • Grass clippings returned to lawns, not bagged
  • Used oil from equipment recycled
  • Detention basins with water plants on 52nd to collect storm water