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Butler Business Consulting Group

Real Results

The Butler Business Consulting Group drives real results for Indiana, mid-market companies

  • One client yielded a 35% increase in sales, resulting in a four-fold increase in free cash flow.
  • A company's first quarter sales increased by 25% after the Consulting Group assisted management in constructing an annual, growth-focused profit plan that better utilized the company's resources.
  • A client had an annual treasury savings of $35,000.
  • The Consulting Group revealed over $2 million in inventory reduction opportunities to a client.
  • Through execution of targeted campaigns affecting awareness, knowledge, and point of sale intent/trial, the Consulting Group helped another client see  a sales increase of 16% over a 9 month period and 25% over 12 months.
  • A client achieved a 5% increase in gross margin as a percentage of sales after implementing financial management reporting built by the Consulting Group and customized to the client's specific needs.
  • Developed a brand integration plan that outlined activities over 18 months necessary to merge the brand of a company purchased by a client into its own family of brands.  As of spring 2009, through the Consulting Group's assistance, the company's sales increased 35% and the company increased its number of employees from 40 to 75.
  • In a collaboration with a client's leadership, the Consulting Group identified over $3.5MM in revenue and $1MM in gross profit. The Consulting Group's team provided work plans and assisted management as they prepared to implement an organizational and cultural change initiative.
  • Another project resulted in a migration of 29 sales and executive management users to a CRM system designed to increase sales efficiencies to a point where sales has an additional 6 hours per week of selling time and executive management has increased visibility to the sales pipeline and customer satisfaction.
  • The Consulting Group identified over $500,000 in short-term and long-term profit improvement measures for another client.