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In the Classroom

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Substantial Impact

Over the course of only four years, the Consulting Group has effectively:

  • 20 different professors utilized on client projects
  • 1,589 contacts with students in the classroom
  • 66 undergraduate and graduate internships completed 
    by students
  • 53 course-based collaborations with Consulting Group professionals

The Consulting Group will continue to strive to transform the delivery of business education at Butler University.

In the Classroom

The Consulting Group is a living laboratory in which graduate and undergraduate students can immerse themselves in business and learn through hands-on experience. Students work on teams with faculty and professional consultants and solve real business problems, providing an unparalleled educational experience for both students and faculty. Examples of experiential learning with the Consulting Group include:

Consulting Group Assisted Students in Developing a Commercialization Plan ~ More Information

In Assistant Professor of Management Craig Caldwell's class, students worked with the Brian Landis, managing director of the Butler Business Consulting Group, to develop a commercialization plan for a startup company to understand how the functional areas of business (marketing, accounting, organization, and finance) integrate. Students also focused on identifying target customers. They prioritized customers, and then developed a number one customer to target. They compared this customer to the competition to help decide the best strategy to win the customer's business.

Consulting Group Professionals Served as Mentors for Real Business Experience Courses ~ More Information

Larry O'Connor, executive director of the Consulting Group, Katie Abernathy, the Consulting Group's business development manager, Melissa Beckwith, marketing project manager for the Consulting Group, and Chris Stump, the Group's CFO Services project manager, all served as Real Business Experience Mentors for the MG201/Real Business Experience (RBE) classes. As RBE Mentors, the professionals facilitated student business team-work and presented initiatives that supported the material covered by the lead instructor of the courses. The course is designed to further the students' understanding of a broad range of principles, concepts, and terminology related to real-world business. The central project is to develop a fundable business plan.

The Consulting Group Helped to Reshape MBA Operations Management Class ~ More Information

Brian Landis, managing director of the Butler Business Consulting Group, and Chris Harlow, associate director of the Consulting Group, worked with Barry King, associate director of operations management, to reshape the syllabus for the MBA540 Operations and Management Systems course.

Information Systems Class Built Knowledge Repository for Consulting Group ~ More Information

Priscilla Arling, assistant professor of management information systems, introduced a new knowledge management course in Aug. 2006 to prepare students for the technical needs of business but MS 400 Expert Systems & Knowledge Management, was not a typical lecture. The key objective was to provide students with hands-on, real life experience with knowledge management processes and technologies while at the same time build the Butler Business Consulting Group's knowledge repository. Using the Microsoft SharePoint system, the students learned maintenance and upgrading techniques and provided a much needed service to the Consulting Group.

MBA Class Developed Financial Diagnostic Tool for Consulting Group ~ More Information

Bill Templeton, professor of finance, involved his MBA 567 MBA Financial Theory and Cases class in a project for the Consulting Group. Competing student teams created financial diagnostic tools that calculate ratios and other financial indicators that can be used to help the Consulting Group assess the financial situation of potential clients.

Capstone Class Directly Linked to Consulting Group Projects ~ More Information

Larry Lad, associate professor of management, linked his MG490 Capstone class to the Consulting Group in spring 2007. The class worked directly with consultants on projects for Urodynamics.  Students analyzed the marketplace faced by Uridynamics and with the support of the Consulting Group and the course instructor made recommendations concerning positioning and pricing to the company's professionals. 

Social Entrepreneurship Class Partnered with Consulting Group to help Non-Profits in Indy Area ~ More Information

Stephanie Fernhaber, assistant professor of management, linked her EI325 Social Entrepreneurship class to the Consulting Group in the spring of 2014. The class worked directly with the consultants to pair with local non-profits in the surrounding Indianapolis area. Students worked on a wide variety of projects for companies including Indy Reads Books, Indiana Canine Assistance Network, the Lumina Foundation, Pogue's Run Grocer, Global Gifts, and Infuse. The students worked on consulting projects ranging from website implementation to research for implementation of a coffee shop into the current bookstore, as well as establishing a database for another client.