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Butler Business Consulting Group

Internship Overview

PastInternsThe Butler Business Consulting Group gives students Real Life, Real Business internship experiences and the ability to make an impact on Indiana businesses. The Consulting Group offers internship opportunities for both undergraduate and MBA students. Positions are available in the fields of marketing and finance. The internship consists of substantive work and is suited to a student's specific interests and strengths. Student analysts work on consulting engagements alongside professional staff and faculty giving them the opportunity to positively impact Indiana companies. Interns are also assigned internal projects to further the organizational development of the Consulting Group. The College of Business created the Consulting Group with the goal of helping to transform the delivery of business education, and the internship program is a vital part of accomplishing this goal.

Testimonials from Past Interns

The Butler Business Accelerator has taken my business education to a new level this semester. Through managing projects, producing creative solutions, and interacting with clients, I have grown as a business professional. I will graduate ready and able to take on the challenges in my new career.

- Alex Cantu, Spring 2009 Student Analyst

Interacting with the clients proved to be a great experience. The skill sets I learned in the classroom were challenged, and I was given an opportunity to apply what I had learned to real world situations. The Accelerator has given me the confidence to take on any project I may face in the classroom and in the workplace.

- Kimberly Huber, Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Student Analyst

The projects give me real responsibility and a chance to create meaningful improvements in business processes while learning from the highly experienced Accelerator staff through review and discussion. My time at the Accelerator has been a fantastic experience because of the multi-faceted growth that I have achieved.

- Joel Ericson, Summer 2009 Student Analyst

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