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Internship Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Butler Consulting Group? ~ Show Answer

The Butler Business Consulting Group is supported by a $22 million grant from the Lilly Endowment. Our goal is to promote Indiana businesses, enhance the academic and student experience at Butler, and assist in reducing the state's brain drain. To do this, we consult with Indiana businesses; specifically targeting companies that have been in business at least five years, have $5 to $50 million in annual sales and are profitable and poised for growth. We use a unique consulting technique that combines the talents of professional project managers, Butler business faculty and MBA and undergraduate students.

What does a Student Analyst do? ~ Show Answer

Student Analysts work on consulting engagements alongside professional staff and faculty. Also, interns are assigned internal projects to further the organizational development of the Consulting Group.

Why is this internship different? ~ Show Answer

The Consulting Group's goal is to fulfill an educational need. The internship is suited to your interests, strengths and is guaranteed to be substantive work that is only suitable for a junior or senior COB student. Interns work on-site, consulting with exciting Indiana businesses and have the opportunity to positively impact these companies.

Who do Student Analysts work with during client projects? ~ Show Answer

Students are assigned to a consulting team for each client, focused on a different functional area of the client's business. Teams are a combination of Butler faculty members, experienced professionals and students and are led by project managers with extensive experience.

Who are the leaders of this organization? ~ Show Answer

The Butler Business Consulting Group is led by Larry O'Connor, former CEO at Bank One, Indiana and Brian Landis, a former partner at Accenture.

What is the selection process? ~ Show Answer

Resumes from COB students seeking internships are reviewed and interviews are granted. To assure consideration for these positions please apply through B.L.U.E. Only a select group of qualified junior or senior COB students will be chosen for this unique internship opportunity.

How do I apply? ~ Show Answer

Stay in touch with your career advisor and the Internship and Career Services office. Also check B.L.U.E. for postings. Internships are available during the summer, fall and spring

Is this a paid internship? ~ Show Answer

Yes. These positions are paid hourly. Student Analysts can expect a competitive wage.