College of Business
Butler Business Consulting Group

Finance Student Analyst

The Finance Student Analyst will report to the managing director of the Butler Business Consulting Group for employment purposes. The student will work directly for and be supervised by the Consulting Group project manager when working on a client assignment. As indicated below, this person will have attained at least junior standing in the College of Business. This person will also have demonstrated a desire for broad business process understanding, strong ethical behavior, and a concern for the ethical and successful outcomes of each project. Responsibilities will include client service delivery, working to further the Consulting Group's strategic goals, and client value creation. Specific details of responsibilities and skills sought are detailed below.

Current finance student analysts have worked on a variety of internal and client-facing projects.

Internal projects have included:

  • Developing and implementing a time reporting system for the Consulting Group.
  • Developing a parameterized five-year budget model.
  • Developing a model to analyze clients' financials, which will become an integral part of the Consulting Group's methodology.

Client-facing projects have included:

  • Analyzing cash flow.
  • Examining product costing methods and accuracy.
  • Developing strategies to improve the operating performance of the firm.


Client Service Delivery

  • Work with other project resources (students, faculty, full-time Consulting Group staff, hired consultants, client personnel, etc.) to complete agreed-upon deliverables, fulfill learning goals and maintain/improve organization morale (focus of student work will be on data analysis, sampling studies, preparation of team documentation, etc.).
  • Assist in managing project schedules to on-time completion of all agreed-upon deliverables with high quality.
  • Complete project reports from client engagements in the manner specified by Consulting Group methodology (including financial, schedule, learning, accomplishments, contacts, client satisfaction, status reports, etc.).
  • Create company profiles for client engagements according to the Consulting Group prescribed methodology.
  • Monitor ongoing progress of clients following Consulting Group engagements and track progress toward agreed-upon business goals.

Consulting Group Strategic Goals

  • Complete internal projects to further the Consulting Group's strategic goals and organizational development.
  • Assist the professional full-time staff of the Consulting Group in developing and executing creative methods to bring the Consulting Group to the students of the COB.
  • Be a spokesperson for the Butler Business Consulting Group to prospective students of the COB, to companies that recruit COB students, to companies interested in the Consulting Group's services, and to the community at large.

Client Value Creation

  • Assess other project resources to define current capabilities and opportunities to create new business value; then assist in developing business solutions and structures needed to realize these opportunities (students will emphasize documentation of capabilities and creation of process designs for to-be processes).
  • Help define the performance goals and metrics for the aforementioned solutions.
  • Assist in building and documenting a quantitative business case for change.


  • Minimum attainment of junior standing in the COB
  • Skills in corporate finance and marketing
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2
  • Demonstrated ability to work at least 10 hours per week while a full-time student in the COB
  • Good listening skills
  • Good change agent
  • Professional in appearance, attitude, manner while working at client locations
  • Polished speaking ability and effective oral/written communication
  • Ability to work with project teams in a way that maintains morale and facilitates efficient progress toward agreed-upon goals
  • Aptitude to constantly learn new best practices and industry skills (a "learning" mentality)
  • Ability to take direction on semi-defined tasks and work independently to define the solution using prescribed methodology
  • Utmost integrity: the Consulting Group will model good business practice and ethical business conduct
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office solutions including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Willingness to learn various software packages and platforms as job requirements dictate