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A pioneering approach

The Butler Business Consulting Group provides growth strategies to private Indiana businesses using an innovative model that blends the expertise of seasoned consulting service professionals, the deep, functional knowledge of faculty, and the intellectual curiosity of students. Through this unique model, the Consulting Group helps advance Indiana's economy, transforms business education at Butler, and assists in reducing the state's "brain drain."

A true business asset

The Butler Business Consulting Group is an extension of the "real life, real business" philosophy that permeates the College of Business's undergraduate and graduate programs. Supported by a $22 million grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc., the Consulting Group is a professional consulting business designed to serve mid-market companies in Indiana by offering innovative strategies that provide profitable growth. While incubators and economic development organizations often overlook these mid-market firms, the Consulting Group understands and embraces mid-market companies as more nimble and flexible, highly customer-focused, and more productive and profitable.

A long-term commitment to meet your goals

At our core is a belief in the benefit of a long-term partnership. In fact, we think it is crucial. We will not recommend solutions and then disappear. We will not leave you to implement complex processes on your own. Instead, we work with our clients to develop individual growth strategies. We commit to see the process through to completion, ensuring that measurable goals and objectives are achieved.

A team unlike any other

The Butler Business Consulting Group brings diverse, highly qualified teams to its clients. These teams are led by project managers with extensive consulting experience. Teams include members of the Butler faculty with deep knowledge and expertise in specific functional areas, MBA and undergraduate students, and members of our alliance partner network. Each team brings extraordinary proficiency, unique perspectives, a broad range of abilities and insight, and is specifically selected to best meet the needs of each client.

Range of Services & Relationship Options

The Consulting Group offers fee-based consulting services based on the individual company's need, length of engagement, team size, and scope of work. Contracting for our full range of expertise yields maximum results; however, we can deliver very specific services when needed, such as:

  • Business strategy

    Guides the owner's ability to be intentional rather than reactive on the direction of his/her business in a one- to five-year horizon.
  • Operational discipline

    Provides proven techniques for reducing cost in operations, improving competitiveness, and adding capacity without additional capital investment.
  • Organizational development

    Provides enablers to improve management effectiveness, thereby leveraging the company's investment in people.
  • Marketing services

    Provides strategic thinking, direction and resources necessary to develop, plan, execute, and evaluate smart, effective marketing initiatives.
  • CFO services

    Provides sophisticated finance, treasury, and management accounting services without the need for investment in additional people.

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Real Results

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