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Organizational Development

A company's organization can be a strong competitive advantage. The organizational development team at the Butler Business Consulting Group can help mid-market Indiana businesses maximize their human capital and turn it into a strategic distinction. We look at a client's strategy, assess current organizational strengths and opportunities, then develop a customized, optimal organizational structure to help achieve strategic goals. The organization is then developed with close attention to those processes that foster success, growth and sustainability. We ask pertinent questions, such as:

  • Who is driving growth?
  • Does a true executive "team" exist?
  • Are roles and responsibilities clear or blurred?
  • Is the current structure efficient?

Armed with insight, information, and expertise, we then help each client realize their structural potential.

Our team

Our organizational development team is led by experienced business leaders who have been involved in creating functional, fluid corporate structures, and includes key faculty members from the Butler College of Business, in addition to MBA and undergraduate students.

Organizational Development
Organizational Development Pyramid (Large Version - PDF)

How we work

We have a broad-reaching, holistic approach to organizational development that addresses a wide range of issues and areas including:

  • Coaching leadership
  • Developing a Performance Management Process (PMP)
  • Linking incentives and rewards to goals and objectives
  • Actively managing the organization's culture
  • Aligning human resources functions

Our results

Our teams have helped clients achieve numerous successes and organizational improvements. Here are just a few of the results clients have experienced from working with our organizational development team:

  • Higher performance employees.
  • Reduced turnover.
  • Reduced people cost with the same or increased output.
  • Better alignment to the desired culture of the organization.
  • Alignment of culture to the strategy of the firm.
  • Incentive plans that create wealth for owners and stakeholders, employees, etc.
  • Organizational role clarity that provides efficiency, better sense of fulfillment at the employee level, and roles that align to your company's goals and objectives.
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