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CFO Services

As a business owner, you probably spend most of your time thinking about everyday operations and future growth. However, when it comes to strategic decisions, growth objectives and overall success, your company's financial position must also be considered. That's where the Butler Business Consulting Group comes in. Our CFO services allow mid-market companies that cannot afford the salary of a CFO to purchase a more sophisticated, yet practical level of financial expertise on a part-time basis.

Our team

All CFO services are performed by a team led by Chris Stump, a Butler alumnus whose diverse financial background includes Ernst & Young, Fortune 500 companies such as Corning and Cummins, as well as mid-market companies. Working with Stump are faculty members from the Butler College of Business, as well as MBA and undergraduate students. Together, this team implements best practices to measurably increase efficiency and effectiveness in both finance functions and operations.

How we work

First, our team meets with the client to learn about and evaluate its financial needs, requirements and overall business demands. Then, we determine whether our staff and resources would be functionally and economically preferable to hiring a full-time CFO. If this is the case, we offer our services.

All CFO services employ solid process documentation designed to create a cross-trained team approach and better communication with you, our client. This documentation describes each deliverable in terms of:

  • User /Audience- Who are the direct users of this information?
  • Suppliers- From whom/where do we acquire necessary data?
  • Process- How will we add value to your business?
  • Timing- How often can you expect reports and updates?


CFO services can provide any or all of the following functions:

"Instead of working in the "survival mode," the Accelerator taught us to look at our organization and develop 1-year and 5-year plans. The result is a huge development in awareness; there are more opportunities than we ever knew."
- Mike Grueninger, President, Grueninger Travel Group

  • Financial Benchmarking
  • Cash Management
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Sourcing Spend Analysis
  • Annual Budgeting & Planning
  • Profit & Loss Forecasts
  • Cost of Capital Planning & Management
  • Lender & Investor Communications
  • Development of Full-time Accounting Staff
  • Product/Service Line Profitability Analysis
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Cost Control Initiatives
  • Operations to Finance with Key Performance Indicators
  • Oversight of Core Accounting Functions
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable
  • Vendor Management & Accounts Payable
  • Account Reconciliation