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Business Strategy

For a company that wants to prosper and grow, a solid, well-conceived business strategy is essential. The Butler Business Consulting Group can help mid-market Indiana companies develop such a business tool. We assist companies with both long-term and annual business planning. Our long-term strategies are part of our Business Transformation Process. Both annual business strategies and long-term strategies are custom built and executed with proven methodologies that are unique to the requirements of each client.

Our team

Our business strategy team is led by experienced facilitators who have been involved in strategy formulation for global consulting firms and Fortune 100 companies. These leaders work with key faculty members from the Butler College of Business, and MBA and undergraduate students.

How we work

Our approach is very individualized; we assess each business and focus on how to make that specific business more profitable. Thanks to our industry expertise and overall capabilities we can help our clients develop realistic goals that translate into tangible results. What's more, our solutions do not require the purchase of software in order for the company to realize the benefits of our approach. We work with our clients to develop unique, actionable plans. As true business partners, we can help implement the strategies we formulate with our clients. Specifically, our deliverables can include:

  • Annual Business Plan including detailed and actionable sales and marketing plan, financial plan, and operating budget
  • A "likely case" current year baseline and agreed-upon strategic thrusts and project initiatives
  • Master Project Plan with project charters, tasks, resources, schedule, and risks identified
  • Incentive Compensation Plan linked to strategic goals
  • Specific management process for tracking the results

Business Strategy
Business Strategy Cycle Graphic (Large Version - PDF)


Because we understand the importance of leadership and consensus, our methodology includes workshop events that create buy-in, improve morale, and identify opportunities.

Our results

Here are just a few of the results our clients have experienced from working with our business strategy team:

  • Alignment of improvement initiatives with client's strategic direction to achieve maximum profitable growth.
  • Creation of a plan that is feasible, trackable, and accountable.
  • An Annual Operating Plan that is owned by the management team.
  • More empowered, committed employees.
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