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What is the Butler Business Consulting Group? Right Arrow Show Answer

The Butler Business Consulting Group provides growth strategies to Indiana businesses using an innovative model that blends the expertise of seasoned consulting service professionals, the deep, functional knowledge of faculty, and the intellectual curiosity of students. Through this unique model, the Consulting Group helps advance Indiana's economy, transforms business education at Butler, and assists in reducing the state's "brain drain."

How is the Consulting Group different from other consulting companies? Right Arrow Show Answer

At our core is a belief in the benefit of a long-term partnership. In fact, we think it is crucial. We will not recommend solutions and then disappear. We will not leave you to implement complex processes on your own. Instead, we work with our clients to develop individual growth strategies. We commit to see the process through to completion, ensuring that measurable goals and objectives are achieved.

What are the benefits of hiring the Consulting Group? Right Arrow Show Answer

Read about how some of our clients have benefited from hiring the Consulting Group on our Real Results page.

These additional benefits are also provided:

  1. Alliance partner network

    The Consulting Group has built an extremely impressive professional network that includes financial institutions, law firms, and private contractors. These experts provide valuable strategic input throughout the consulting process.
  2. Investment fund opportunities

    A $1 million investment fund enables selected clients to obtain the funding to implement growth strategies.
  3. Students

    Since we select only the brightest and best graduate and undergraduate students, companies are able to work with the finest new talent. These students think creatively, bring fresh perspectives, and allow the Consulting Group to keep our costs very competitive.

What is your methodology? Right Arrow Show Answer

Working closely with our clients, we determine the strategic process and approach that will deliver maximum results. Whether we implement our full Business Transformation Process or concentrate on a tightly focused area of need in the business, we combine proven methodology with a customized approach. Our Business Transformation Process can occur at a pace that suits each client's schedule and budget, and actionable ideas and opportunities are developed at each stage. The process also provides a holistic view of the company and identifies immediate areas to address.

What are the costs to companies? Right Arrow Show Answer

The Consulting Group offers fee-based consulting services based on the individual company's need, length of engagement, team size, and scope of work.

How are clients selected? Right Arrow Show Answer

We work with Indiana companies that have been in business for at least three years, have $3 million to $50 million in annual sales, and are profitable and poised for growth. Does your company fit that description? Are you committed to growing your business? Are you willing to share financial information? Are you prepared to implement change? Do you like the concept of a long-term consulting partnership? If so, then you may be an ideal candidate for the Butler Business Consulting Group. To learn more or to arrange a meeting, please call 317.940.6500.

How many clients has the Consulting Group helped? Right Arrow Show Answer

Since 2006, the Consulting Group has worked with over 70 clients and has completed over 175 projects.

How are faculty and staff involved in the process? Right Arrow Show Answer

The Consulting Group brings diverse, highly qualified teams to its clients. These teams are led by project managers with extensive consulting experience. Teams include members of the Butler faculty with deep knowledge and expertise in specific functional areas, MBA and undergraduate students, and members of our alliance partner network. Each team brings extraordinary proficiency, unique perspectives, a broad range of abilities and insight, and is specifically selected to best meet the needs of each client.

Why does Indiana need an Consulting Group program? Right Arrow Show Answer

Much of the state's economic development efforts focus appropriately on creating, nurturing and attracting fast-growth companies. The Consulting Group sees an opportunity to complement those efforts by focusing on middle-market Indiana businesses. This sector is the backbone of the Indiana economy. When healthy, these businesses help stabilize communities and attract new industry. They also are a seedbed of new business ideas. We can help these companies prosper.