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About Us

Developed through the generosity of the Lilly Endowment Inc., the Butler Business Consulting Group represents an exciting stage in the evolution of the College of Business. As the outgrowth of the college's real life, real business  defining theme and principle, the Consulting Group is committed to providing students with opportunities to not only learn about business, but to experience business first-hand. 

Operationally, the Consulting Group is a business designed to serve middle market companies in Indiana. Teams led by professional consultants supported by faculty and students work directly with these companies - helping them to grow and simultaneously providing a living laboratory in which undergraduate and MBA students learn and experience real business problems and situations.  Since 2006, the Butler Business Consulting Group has made contact with over 2,850 students through classroom collaborations with College of Business faculty, and over 26 professors have worked with the Consulting Group on client projects.

As of 2014, the Consulting Group has successfully completed over 175 projects with over 70 clients in 19 industries since its inception.  Through service offerings that include Business Strategy, Operational Discipline, Organizational Development, Marketing Services, and CFO Services, the Consulting Group has helped clients to see real results. One company experienced a 35% increase in sales, resulting in a four-fold increase in free cash flow.  Another company's first quarter sales increased by 25% after the Consulting Group assisted management in constructing an annual, growth-focused profit plan that better utilized the company's resources.  A third client experienced an annual treasury savings of $35,000.  The Consulting Group revealed over $2 million in inventory reduction opportunities to a fourth client. There are more of these success stories on our Real Results page.