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The Butler University community devoted the past two years to imagining a bold and strategic course for the future of our institution. Discussions were enthusiastic with far-reaching participation and collaboration. These collective efforts yielded an organizational vision that is both inspiring and challenging. This vision will continue to distinguish Butler as a school of choice for exceptional students and guide our institution to increased national prominence by the year 2020.

Butler University will be an innovative leader in the creation and delivery of transformative student-centered learning experiences that prepare graduates to make a meaningful impact in the world.

It's an exciting time at Butler University. We invite you to explore our ambitious plans.

  • Commit. Distinguish Butler among peer and aspirant universities by creating innovative academic programs while strengthening our commitment to community engagement, experiential learning, and international education.
  • Integrate. Exemplify excellence in the liberal arts, professional education, and their effective integration.
  • Engage. Attract, develop, and retain faculty who combine a high-quality, engaged teaching approach with scholarly inquiry and multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Prepare. Enrich the Butler community by promoting diversity and preparing graduates to succeed in a multicultural workforce and global society.
  • Support. Inspire alumni, friends, and the community to support the University,
    leading to enhanced resources and endowment.
  • Evolve. Advance our educational mission through superior campus amenities,
    dynamic co-curricular offerings, and exceptional administrative support.

Butler has imagined its vision for the future and developed strategic initiatives to explore a path to national prominence. This recognition will attract exceptional students, high-quality faculty and staff, and the enhanced support needed to achieve excellence.

Please join the Butler community as we work to achieve our vision for Butler 2020.

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